• Football Daily says:

    What did you learn from this weekend’s football action? Let us know in the
    comments, and be sure to tell us who you think should win the Ballon d’Or –
    your opinions will be featured on Wednesday’s #FDW!

  • Hanif Ali says:

    messi had injury problems but is still the best
    ribery won treble and consistently played great in 2013
    and ronaldo who had 2 only amazing months which where in October and
    ronaldo will win it because he played amazing at the end of the season
    where it matters when challenging for the ballon dor, but not sure if he
    deserves it as you need to be the best of the last 12 months not 2 months 

  • notforvideos says:

    Messi is a playmaker turned forward, not an “attacking winger”. Suarez is
    the best striker at the moment in world football and Messi should win the
    Ballon D’or because if he doesn’t the “winner” will have “won” the award by
    default due to Messi’s injuries. Regarding Bayern, they’re taking the
    competition out of the Bundesliga, essentially crippling their biggest
    contenders and strengthening their own squad. 

  • miroklose22 says:

    Great show and Ribery FTW

  • OhneScharf says:

    Walcott out for 6 months, banter you cunts!

  • THE1gameaddict says:

    what we need is a holding mid or pretty much any good playmaker. the morale
    here is really low and there is no way united can get into the champions
    league, let alone the europa league without them

  • Šarpilius Woow says:


  • ItzzSparkz says:

    nice to see longer videos, and i think ronaldo should win balon dor

  • KoolGuy4796 says:

    Bendtner should win the Ballon d’Or :D

  • opuspocus says:

    Lewendowsi is not the best striker in the world?!? What about Luis Suarez

  • Big42Ben says:

    Ribery is the best player at Bayern and they won everything they could this
    year. I think he should not be put as a secondary player compared to messi
    and ronaldo who, even though amazing individual players only won
    respectively domestic title and cup.

  • SomethingDutch says:

    bayern is not dortmunds biggest rival its schalke

  • scortongardy says:

    Well Luis Suarez is clearly the best out and out striker in the world right
    know not Lewandowski!

  • Rene De Leon says:

    Walcott taunts tottenham fan, is out for 6 months due to injury

  • luca bratt says:

    Messi should win the ballon’dor even though he has been injured a lot it’s
    2013 not the last two months in which ronaldo has been playing well for two
    or three months including his fantastic qualifiers run but for me
    majestical messi 

  • Im A Proud Muslim says:

    This show should be aired/uploaded every other day… Maybe every week
    twice. Also talk about transfer rumors.

  • Harsh Atha says:

    As for Juventus, they have already won unlesd Moyes is their new manager.

  • Football Blogging Awards says:

    Moyes is putting United in crisis!

  • Sean Weber says:

    Just because Messi got and injury everybody has been hating on him when he
    is still the best player in the world. However, Messi’s injury has opened
    the door for Ronaldo to shine and h certainly has. Ronaldo deserves at
    least one Balloon D’Or in his career

  • Xinvivo says:

    I think Messi should win the Ballon d’Or

  • Jack Osborn says:

    messi for the ballon dor

  • Gregory Lugart says:

    Ronaldinho is going to Turkish Besiktas

  • butonline says:

    i wouldnt call ManU’s situation a crisis tho, every team has a bad season
    every now and then, especially when they strugle this much with injuries..

  • Chuck Norris says:

    waclott meant cup finals 2 won 0

  • ArdiaNN MVM says:

    van persie XD