• charlie65178 says:

    I agree. Their stupid bandwagon fans always annoyed me the most.

  • santaist says:

    you’re egyptian, you know nothing about this great city or its only team

  • shedendboy1 says:

    United have always bought the league

  • Supduplemup says:

    Yeah same goes for City, if they had changed some of the formations and tactics in the games they lost points in, they would have won the premier league by now.
    Though I guess everyone has their own opinions lol

  • stokeloudandproud says:

    The munichs are bitter,thought they had the title won.buy having champ20ns printed on there tops,arrogant munich cunts,id have the vale over lot,250,000 population of sot will have fingers crossed for mcfc.

  • JonUkutube says:

    what im trying to tell you is city are better in ever way, than united

  • JonUkutube says:

    dont watch now bitch

    what it isnt fixed anymore so your sad awwww diddddums

  • ruideng111 says:

    do you not even see the face burning irony of being told that I’m a fairweather fan, by a guy that lives in Australia and doesn’t even have a season ticket. Whilst, for the 9 years I spent in Manchester, I went to every single match at home, 90% of away matches. When was the last time you did by the way? You never even answered that one. What a joke. It’s the deluded fans like you that give the others a bad name.

  • ruideng111 says:

    the guy you’re arguing with is pretty much a cloned United fan spouting identikit shit he’s heard from Talksport/Daily Mail. Literally been hearing the same redundant arguments from United ‘fans’ for years. I can’t even be bothered to argue any more. The whole money thing is getting old – money being the only way anyone can break into the top 4, and money being the reason United have been successful. Of course it’s easy ot see things through rose tinted glasses.

  • ruideng111 says:

    so funny that you have to resort to age to insult me. And you can’t even get that right. Typical United fan. So typical. You are a laughing stock mate. A total clown. Lol, what does that fact that there are a million ex pats living in Australia have to do with anything? You are beyond retarded. I mean you can’t even read.

  • ruideng111 says:

    You are fucking hilarious! Giving me a lecture on season tickets when you’re in Australia. You’re really running out of valid arguments. Just resorting to simple insults now. I’m a 26 year old you dumb fuck, which you would have realised if you knew anything about football considering the dates I mentioned. Fuck off back to where you came from and carry on wanking about how your family had tickets to the swamp. 6-1 against you, easy walkout, JOG ON CHUMP. You are deluded.

  • spiced32 says:

    City didn’t win the league, they bought it, premier league is a joke now..

  • Martin450 says:

    Thats probably the most stupid thing ever said… It’s just the same as saying “If United scored evertime they took a shot, they wouldnt have lost a singe game.. Or as the scousers would say “If we hit the goal instead of the post, we would have won the league!”

  • JonUkutube says:

    hahaha if united dont play well you always have a million excuses…..


    ps. if city were on form all season, we wouldnt have lost a single game…..think about that

  • alexjrmarino says:

    Guys, the kids wait for Tevez and Aguero, not for the “oldies,but no goodies”.Also I don’t care if they spent millions of cash.The thing is I like beautiful soccer, and honestly United showed nothing this year compared to City, it’s no coincidence that everybody calls them SCUM! All goals from penalties and Berbatov on the bench, the Sir deservedly saw the title slipped through his hands..

  • elmantas1 says:

    exactly, what makes me laugh is that united fans bought the champ20ns shirts which said ‘money can only get you so far’ then, when city are about to win the league, they say that city bought the title. its just bitterness

  • bishonashaat says:

    10 points clear??!! MAN UTD injuries have been more serious than city’s…..and i also believe that saf’s formation on some matches wasn’t the best, if united and city played all the season with their best form united would’ve been on top of the pl and the “6-1” would’ve never happened, but in reality city deserves the pl………with all these money spent they really wanted to be “A TEAM”, and i can’t wait for next season hoping united’s issues are all solved :……….and go QPR 😀

  • benjicool2808 says:

    they look stupid with their suits

  • JonUkutube says:


    AGuero BUZZING

  • 3wmaccess says:

    City have an awesome youtube channel i gotta say. Up the Spurs!

  • QuikDJ says:

    If you have the money, you should spend it.

    Too bad the UTD owners are greedy fucks.
    Good luck with that 1 billion pound debt though!

  • 1880mancity says:

    But if you listen to the United fans they have never made any big transfers…Apart from £30 million Veron, £30 million Rio, £21 million Van Nistlerooy, £31 million Rooney, £18 million Young, £19 Million De Gea, £16 million Carrick, £12 Million Smalling.