• Agustin Rabie says:

    Paul And Ryan!

  • Tomor Yudodis says:

    fakin copeycat u peder

  • BABASHUNIBAT pruto says:

    u dnt undrstant thus vudeo iz abot thut coakokeper

  • Tomor Yudodis says:

    veri niec gigs goals

  • James Cobb says:

    too many replays dude

  • TheMidgetHarry says:

    Yeah Keane and Scholes were two of the very best of Man utd but I think everyone is underrating Ryan Giggs, I personally think he was on par with them possibly maybe a bit worse but my favourite player. Just an opinion though

  • bighands69 says:

    Keane was as good as Scholes. Both of them were the two best Midfielders the EPL have ever seen they were not the same as other players from the League they transcended the poor standard of the EPL.

    Ferigison has a problem that he has not solved how is he going to replace Keane and Scholes.

  • bighands69 says:

    Jack Wilshere is not as good as Paul Scholes. He has potential but that is not the same saying he as good as.

    Tom cleverly also has that potential to be a great midfielder so maybe him and Wilshere will be the future of the England Midfield but we are only talking about potential.

    But that still does not change the England team were the pool of 200 players that are for selection are no were near as good as Continental players.

  • hsukrabar says:

    they have..Wilshere

  • muscar kasno says:

    i love scholes

  • Scarface92511 says:

    Ronaldo at 2:42….scholesy, In the last 15 to 20 years the best central midfielder that I have seen — the most complete — is Scholes…. Legend!!

  • Lisayra Nunes says:

    Ronaldo is a true legend, the phenomenon.
    Cristiano Ronaldo is something else

  • Henry Hardwick says:

    first three goals all assisted by giggs.. both legends

  • Antoine Maclennan says:

    Scholes was probably the best Man Utd player, a true legend, he had this fighting spirit that mane English players have but most of all he had the vision and the skill of latin players, he could dribble, his pass quality has no equivalent, he was a creator and a defender, he could score, assist and make the difference, such a brilliant player, Zidane said it HE IS THE BEST player of the last decades.

  • erwannlebe says:

    Ferguson with his chewing-gum : epic

  • Marrion Lulu says:

    well, they played on the same team; you should know who Ronaldo is.

  • yudah kartil says:

    okey coach

  • Nick Natsidis says:

    if u think that messi or ronaldo will play in the highest level in the age of 36-37-38 ur just stupid…

  • Jimbo Aziz says:

    Paul Scholes TRIPLE KILL on 3:41

  • jalliboy says:

    paul scholes.. righft foot. left foot.. didnt matter. he was also good on the head..

    fantastic player

  • darklord903 says:

    No…just no. Don’t spoil it mate.He’ll always be the most decorated English footballer of the Premier League era.

  • bighands69 says:

    Jack Wilshire/Tom Cleverley and other hopefuls have not shown that they are of the same class as of yet they may do so but that remains to be seen.

  • DJCempaka says:

    Paul Scholes = Jack Wilshere