• bosnianize says:


  • stokeloudandproud says:

    If u were biggest in world aswell u would sell out every single match u play,crystal palace in the cup,45,000?30,000 empty seats there……boro in the cup last year cant remember exact figuires but something tells me 38,000 odd??you arent the biggest,heres my top ten-real madrid,barcalona,milan,bayern munich,man utd,benfica,liverpoll,ajax,juventus,inter milan.u might laugh but rangers and celtic rnt far off that list,200,000 to manchester for instance,cant see united ever takin 200,000 sumwhere

  • XxLynxShock says:

    This sends shivers down my spine, UNITED TILL WE DIE <3

  • stokeloudandproud says:

    European cup is the biggest domestic cup competion,be different if united won 9 pal and u know it,liverpool are a massive club up there within the 10 biggest clubs in the world,liverpool will always be huge just cos they aint won league for 20 year does not make them small,and by the way u didnt lose whole team and it wasnt 57 try 58,call.ute self a united fan?a real manc would at least get that right.

  • leoA7X100 says:

    that’s why i love man united

  • leoA7X100 says:

    ryan giggs beat you since 1987

  • dbg3006 says:

    I’ll never ever forget those games against Arsenal in 04/05. The atmosphere surrounding both of the games was almost surreal.

  • rookies804 says:

    the title is coming back home next year

  • NinjaGamerNextGen says:

    Congratz on spending over 200 million and managing to only win by goal difference and against a team with some of its best players on injury.

  • Cripperlad says:

    due to the munich air disaster and we rebuilt totally from there… we even made the fa cup final that season now that is history… you say barca and madrid have bigger stadiums but they are never full apart from maybe twice a season for the derbys and el classico.. i think you will find old trafford is full every week… Biggest club in the world #FACT don’t be bitter about it

  • Cripperlad says:

    when you say both real madrid and barca have more history that is your bitter opinion… I agree real madrid have a fantastic european history with the 9 trophies and barca too have an impressive european history with 4 trophies (just the one more than us i may add) but to say a team has a better history than united just because they have won more european cups than us is delusional… to even mention liverpool in the same breath as us now is embarassing… we lost a whole team in 1957

  • stokeloudandproud says:

    Both real and barca have more history,i.e the madrid team won five european cups in a row,both have bigger grounds,both have better sucess in europe.united are a massive club just not as big as these two or milan 7 european cups or bayern,liverpool for instance 5 european cups,if u win another 3 european in cups within 5 years then u can be up there with teams just touched on,i mean 3 european cups?forest av won 2!!!!

  • Cripperlad says:

    How do real madrid and barcelona makes us look like minnows tell me this??? when we have the most amount of fans in the world for any sports team. when we are valued more than any other sports team in the world? (forbes magazine) and to add our illustrious history…. you are a fucking bitter mug now get fuck off this video because you talk absolute shit

  • swedish84 says:

    I would suggest you concentrate on supporting your own team and not worry so much about United.

  • swedish84 says:

    Yawn……what a dull and depressing life you must lead

  • MRMANUTDFAN96 says:

    The team that has the best history in the world.

  • pioneer1412 says:

    I don’t like them at all..But you can’t disrespect them..

  • 1945indonesian says:

    what??you say the fan will leave to that stink manchester shitty??
    sorry if you see in official facebook site manchester united have 29 million fan
    and manchester shitty only 2,9 million..my country have 280 million people and half of them are united fans _indonesia. and then you must count on another country.. oh!!! or you can just ask Mr.google, he must be know!!

  • ANDY000MANUTD says:


  • 1945indonesian says:

    @deedrabbit when city ran out of money,,they are just a fuckin team with no pride at all
    i doubt their fans will go home every match and kiss their dog ass.HA.EAT THAT

  • 1945indonesian says:

    i am united army from BALI and i will make sure my ISLAND is always red not that f*ckin blue.and i will make sure my son,grandchild,grandgrandchild,always united. GLORY GLORY MANCHESTER UNITED,PRIDE,PASSION,AND LOYALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 11Rooney110 says:

    I can’t say anything other: Glory Glory Man United

  • crkin9 says:

    champ20ns next year 🙂 hope vidic will get well 😉

  • Macheybwillkillu says:

    Great video Proud to be a United Fan

  • mevp1219 says:

    It defies description :’)