• AthCliath23 says:

    Another small club havin a pop at Utd., jealousy knows no bounds! As for City, worthy champions but you’ll always be the small club in Manchester, and the majority of your stockport-based fans know this. You’ve a century to catch-up on us IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

  • CallMeJxT says:

    CHEERS GUYS shows how everyone hates united even the qpr fans cheered when we scored haha

  • timschaefer86 says:

    What are they singing at the end?

  • manchesterman1988 says:

    hahahaha go on Sunderland !!! city fan here 🙂

  • safc00000 says:

    Payback for Fergie poaching David Bellion all them years ago! Hopefully this means Utd will stop selling us their dead wood, and we’ll have Man Citys instead. Adam Johnson on loan would be a good start haha. Also nice to see Big Quinny enjoying himself on Sky.

  • MCFCSouthStander116 says:

    at games city and sunderland obviously banter it with each other but this is banter to an extreme an amazin level city and sunderland love each other and hate united infact city qpr sunderland all love each other and hate man utd !! buncha cunts haha just imagine if bolton had won it would be more manic them 2 goals.

  • Nordle69 says:

    sunderland, i love you guys.

    following ross pearson and andy ogle in the ufc will mean even more to me now.

    much love you crazy fuckers

  • OGDanzo says:

    Your from norwich you cant say shit then? and im from manchester you nob

  • samjwhite says:

    Not true we dont hate people who were born in manchester and are not arragant, We just hate people who are not from manchester but support them cos they are successfull wich is 90% of thier world wide fan base. What i hated most of all was the arragance of the away fans ok banter is fun but walking through our city pushing and swearing at any people who are getting on with thier business and picking on disabled people without any regard for wich team they suported man u go to hell from Norwich

  • CHEMA007 says:

    Thanks Bro

  • saxfreak01 says:

    Whatever. Learn to write your own fucking language.

  • AlexOCnr says:

    MAN CITY 3 – QPR 2 comes up on the screens in the ground. At about 1:45 you can see the Newcastle and Chelsea scores go up there before Citys came up. Top right.

  • OGDanzo says:

    STFU you stupid nerd we are talking about football not school shit

  • saxfreak01 says:

    That doesn’t stop you being a glory hunter. Not in the slightest. Now be a good chap and try to learn some basic rules of punctuation and grammar. For example, the placement of apostrophes, commas, and when to capitalize a pronoun. You’ll feel better for it. Cheers now.


    suck a cock you willy jockey

  • Bsbcrue67 says:

    Nice to see the bitter reds spouting bile. Yes we do all hate you and everything you represent in modern football. Get used to being the second team in Manchester.

  • CHEMA007 says:

    What happened on 1:48? Kun´s Goal?

  • doctrinalexpletives says:

    i think you mean glory HUNTING man(ure) united…

  • TheRunwaylicker58 says:

    Fuckin maxium respect to SUNDERLAND supporters from all at MCFC !

  • OGDanzo says:

    Glory hunter hmm when im from Manchester yeah nice one mate

  • mc5mu1 says:

    I fuckin love this

  • enkalon333 says:

    em city are way better than yous CHAMPIONS CHAMPIONS WHERS YOUR 8 POINT LEAD GONE

  • TheVladang says:

    yeah forget about it.I was just pissed off by these who support city…My bad