• diliprai says:

    i’m evertonian and i am yellow race. kill the white race.

  • tuanvieng says:

    Đkm …ghét thằng Suret vlllllllllllllllllllllllll
    Sau vụ này lại đã ghét lại càng ghét hơn:@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  • MegaChulbul says:

    Bloody raceist suarez 🙁

  • butilbromuro says:

    Suarez the teeth’s Vampire vs African Monekey = boooom!

  • LeaRdrgz says:

    evra prick!!!!!

  • Kritsana701 says:

    Evra Faceeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Sansan Changcut says:


  • ChipmunksTubeHQ says:

    You should go learn to spell

  • FiFaFailsForFun says:


  • KrazeBeatsOfficial says:

    If you watch it properly you will see suarez looking at his hand, also he dosnt look at any other players. why is your name ‘anfield bouncing’ yet your insulting them, sort it out?

  • AnkurB17 says:

    Evra is a fucking bitch….he kept his hand lower and then acted like he wants.to shake his hand ….. Fucking bastard

  • KrazeBeatsOfficial says:

    the first guy got it wrong, suarez actually went to shake his hand but evra shyed away, get it right you dumb prick

  • danumomo80 says:

    Le dijo negro, que queres que le diga Rubio de ojos azules?? Por favor!! Este es un negro racista, se averguenza de ser negro y le duele que se lo recuerden y acá en mi país como decís vos, las cosas quedan dentro de la cancha, entre hombres y este negro en mi país sería un CAGON!! Suarez es un grande, un goleador y este negrito conflictivo armo lio hasta en el mundial donde perjudico a toda su selección!! Es un fantasma Negro Cagon!!

  • tom kurmlamb says:

    there both idiots they have no life so get a life suarez loser

  • Adeel2k11 says:

    *flagged. Go get a real job you fucking rejects

  • David2010Kenyon says:

    The nor DA? retard

  • cristiansitosip says:

    fuc noobss.

  • 7186bruno says:

    bruttissimo gesto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carbon1891 says:

    evra fucking niger

  • TheDeadArmy25 says:

    I am NOT trying to tell what people can and can’t say and i am NOT trying to dictate his freedom to speech either. What i AM trying to do is tell him that, in this day and age, EVERYONE, and i MEAN EVERYONE deserves equal respect. Informing someone that that something is racist, doesn’t make me a power hungry freak. If someone, for instance me, was mocking somebody for their skin colour, that would be WRONG as it could make the other person feel bad about themselves.

  • KH2rip says:

    Spackman is a twat. 

  • KH2rip says:

    “I was saying to someone who commented that its not OK to be racist” Well I was saying to someone who commented that it’s not okay for one control freak loving idiot to tell others what they can and can’t fucking say!” What you go to say about that?

  • KH2rip says:

    “He knows what he’s allowed to say and what he’s not” So you say what he can say and what he cannot say? FUCK OFF YOU FASCIST DOG. FUCK THE E.U. AND IT’S POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!!!

  • KH2rip says:

    Suarez did not refuse he just thought, fuck off im not going to crawl round Evra to shake his hand. That is why he didn’t shake because he saw evra move his hand down to his side. Evra didn’t have his hand down there for everyone else only Suarez. Evra is has the mentality of a little girl.

  • aryakenzo says:

    i think that’s true,, and what you mean to say that