• razvansandu2011 says:

    Lol ur predictions always r waaaay offf always…..u always favour united cuz ur a fan…

  • iGoodAtMinecraft says:

    get inform adebayor bpl tottenham 55,000 he was 80 but inform makes him 85 hes really strong and fast and has good finshing and shots i always win with him i have him with defoe

  • VIPERMANish says:

    Mannone was in goal for arsenal

  • ACEgrimreaper3 says:

    i have a feeling MrSkyblue37 is a Chelsea fan

  • ACEgrimreaper3 says:

    It is gonna be 2-0 to mancity with david silva scoring a good goal than yaya toure scoring but napoli will win 2-0 and basel will win 2-1 with number 9 and alex frei scoring then jones gettting one back lae in game and just so you know i have not seen the game. Really!

  • MrSkyblue37 says:

    but man u crashing out of chaps league. also the old man should worry aout his family and grandsons, who, now might be teenagers and everybody knows what british teens do!

  • 321Green1Fork123 says:

    Not exactly. The spanish league builds up plays by a ton of passing and can make a super quick play at any second, but the all around game of the EPL is faster

  • TheVersion4 says:

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  • Galladevoir says:

    duplicating players for 1000 coins per player

  • iTropicZzHD says:

    numbered? are you taking the piss hes the greatest manager ever.

  • TheVersion4 says:

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  • PatrikKacperski says:

    hahahah 2-1

  • MrSkyblue37 says:

    spanish league is the fastest!

  • MrSkyblue37 says:

    no asshole, it is like a small baby giving orgasm to a middle aged woman. why don’t you accept the fact your days are numbered. + your players go topless with prostitutes just like your team “TOP-LESS”. Chelsea was under more pressure and look how they overcame it!

  • MrSkyblue37 says:

    So the un’manly’ manchesters are out. ferguson’s days are numbered. rooney and giggs should concentrate where they are good at! GO CHELSEA!

  • Callofthekopitez says:

    Man Utd…. lol

  • 321Green1Fork123 says:

    The reason is that the premier league plays differently from other leagues in that it is suppperrr fast paced. unlike the spanish league or the italian league, french league, brasilian league… idk about the german league, but either way the german league is very competent. The EPL is a fantastic league, just not the best. Its hard to compare leagues when they play so differently, but its probably just that the way the EPL plays doesnt react well with the way other leagues play. Im just ranting

  • TheFoxMau5 says:

    I have a feeling that Rooney will hand in a transfer request. If he did I honestly couldn’t give a fuck

  • SOCCERisCOOLERthanU says:

    A tip for any Manchester United fans wanting to make a nice pasta sauce, most herbs are nice but you cant beat basil.

  • Narvik95 says:

    To all Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs fans, celebrating the fact that Basel beat United, it’s like celebrating when another man gives your wife or girlfriend an orgasm, just because you can’t.

  • RedKebab says:

    2-1 basel and 2-0 city

  • 1Martinsm says:

    2-1 jajaJJJAjajajjajajajajJAJJAJAJAJAJAJA

  • MrSaintsSquad says:

    Half of the predictions are during the game!

  • MrSaintsSquad says:

    I seriously lolled at the fact that united lost, I kind of wanted city to do well as my dad supports them