• josevanreyes says:

    we’re on the same boat ……welcome to the trophyless club

  • lRyaann says:

    arsenal r shite m8

  • Ui Yoshida says:

    Hopefully he can be manchester united’s next asian legend. Him and J.S Park are amongst my favourite players.

  • conFmck says:

    He hasn’t even joined yet.

  • 4evraUnited says:

    He wont go to arsenal, he’s supported Manchester united since he was a kid… and he said he wants a team with a challenge and now man city have won the Epl he has one besides he wont win anything at arsenal…

  • josevanreyes says:

    bitch pleaseeeee ,kagawa is arsenal bound

  • usopp13 says:

    Arsenal have also had a bid accepted. Player needs to decide for himself.

  • RawrShotz says:

    Welcome to Darlington FC!

  • Fifa12Hcker says:

    Most of Uniteds fans are asian

  • 4evraUnited says:

    He is very good with his left foot even though hes right footed, kinda like modric i think they’re very similar players.

  • TheBlackJack67 says:

    sorry then part of my assesment was wrong. I was saying he is more influential that Scholes now. Scholes back then was amazing but he is 38 now and Shinji has more to offer in the technical, speed, and quickness passing department.

  • Myles Lakey says:

    Manchester united is also very big in japan…

  • xzAzzaaa says:

    I wouldn’t start buying shirts with his name on just yet. Arsenal have a bid accepted by Dortmund too. United still look favourites as he’s already met with SAF, but when Arsenal signed Ramsey, he had already been shown around Old Trafford.
    Wenger is seen as a god in Japan, so he could influence Shinji, and also young Ryo is at Arsenal.
    Good luck to him wherever he goes though, great player.

  • ranga96 says:

    welcome to hartlepool

  • Myles Lakey says:

    Better than scholes? i know hes good and i want him at manchester united because he can only get better but he will never be as good as scholes and neither will anybody else! btw kagawa is right footed…

  • WaterSeesWater says:

    Kagawa has been betrayed all negative predictions…So he will be great in Man U !

  • MysticGohan01 says:

    they haven’t signed him yet

  • ThaProo1 says:

    Welcome to Manchester United <3

  • TheBlackJack67 says:

    he is above average. actually pretty good, has the capability to be very good. Better than Scholes and carrick for sure. He is an attacking midfield that can also play on the opposite sides of the midfield if needed. Left footed player with good vision. Can shoot okay. He is someone that would help us. But i would much rather Sneijder, Modric ect..

  • mufcsledge says:

    Can someone tell me what position he plays, is he any good? And what player in the prem is he like?

  • Myles Lakey says:

    he will most likely join, manchester united we have a huge fan base in japan and he was in talk with ferguson yesterday…

  • Tidwoprule00 says:

    i’m not the biggest chicharito fan but he will absolutely love kagawa if he came to united this isthe type of midfielder hernandez needs

  • JoshProGaming says:

    @JubalBed As if man utd are so much better I’m a Chelsea fan so I’m not biased but c’mon the bundlisliga is no way near as good as the BPL no wot your talkin about before you say shit

  • cronaldo7701 says:

    That’s bullshit

  • JSAknowsit says:

    Well, in an interview, when asked if he is going to be at Dortmund next season, the response was “ask Arsene Wenger”