• torasbjoern says:

    Hernandez will never be as good as what Ole was. 20LEGEND!

  • lilmale says:

    United legend as a player, hopefully he will become a legend as a manager

  • Sundal1337 says:

    Mate…He won the norwegian league with a team that never won the league before, what a legend

  • DavidTranBoMb says:

    01:39 Amazing goal.Love it

  • itaa132 says:

    4:33 Can Chicha do that? No. Solskjaer is a legend, don’t compare Chicha to him, please!

  • Dswanky says:

    Barca fan here, Ole Gunner = Legendary, not just not one of the best. Definitely in myy top ten strikers.

  • flibberflobber2 says:

    Anybody else notice he does exactly the same celebration in all his goals, two hands up in the air

  • thuan97 says:

    But we see what happened in Chicharito’s first season. Look at him now 🙁

  • manmaneu says:

    16 or what? than I think you not understands this game

  • matsixxxxx says:

    The moment Ole Gunnar sat his foot at Old Trafford was the moment he became legendary by being the most successful career in United as Norwegian.

  • platypode says:

    I know, seriously I’m not saying he was bad. I’m a United fan myself. I loved Solskjaers way of playing. What I should have said was he was a striker who punished defenders for mistakes. These days, I feel premier league clubs tend to defend more carefully

  • thuan97 says:

    You do know it’s only like 4 years since he last played?

  • braandy1995 says:

    0:27 is the assist man ryan giggs? (:

  • konartis5 says:

    Arsenal fan here.. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was a true legend, great professional on and off the pitch.. He has good morales and is very loyal, something which can not be said for half the footballers these days.. Already showing signs of being a quality technical manager and is doing wonders at Molde, hope to see him manage in the Premier League soon.. What is it with players under Sir Alex Ferguson that develope into managers? imo Soldkjaer has the potential to be the best of the lot

  • CuTe2JaCk says:

    rooney=van nistelrooy
    david de dea=schmeichel
    Glory Glory Manchester United!!

  • platypode says:

    I wish I understood this

  • DANYMASTER100 says:

    no yo pienso q antes el nivel era mejor al actual, el futbol actual se a vuelto muy mecanisado,pero antes el futbol se ganaba con el corazon y los jugadores si sudaban la playera sentian q era en verdad defender los colores…

    si SOLKJAER jugara en estos tiempos seguiria siendo la misma verga por q un futbolista cuando tiene un gran nivel tan cabron no importa quien se le pare enfrente
    es por eso que se convierten en verdaderas leyendas

  • magnusak3 says:

    What a finisher!

  • xPorsn says:

    Norway’s mot famous star <33

  • DerrenBrown100 says:

    3:47 the moment Ole became a United legend. 😉

  • noobdown11 says:

    He just won the norwegian top league with a team who just campe up from 2nd division 🙂

  • platypode says:

    Not to take anything away from Solskjaer’s achievements, but it’s amazing how much this video highlights the difference in standard in terms of defense in the Premier League between the 90s and now. I don’t think Solskjaer would have done nearly as well in the modern day game.

  • gooansa says:

    I hate it when people remove the sound of the commentator and add music instead

  • kaqio says:

    one of the best finisher i’ve ever seen..Ole didnt need 90 minute play to scored 4 goals!!

  • Missundaztood91 says:

    6:31 Now that’s just taking the p*ss 😀