• Northx57 says:

    Please no Bosingwa to Inter…They dont need that piece of shit


    I agree with Dave Kidd, Bosingwa was shocking against Arsenal earlier this season

  • TheKoolkid26 says:

    Baines has been the best left fullback in the epl for 2-3 years now so anyone saying hes not good enough is fucked in the head, and everton would not sell for 5million try 20-30mil he wont leave everton anyway….

  • MrEvanw01 says:

    hes staying at wigan victor i support wigan hes signed a 2 year contract at wigan and he said hes enjoying football at wigan u got it all wrong way!

  • will spauls hollis says:

    Baines is not good enough for united

  • MinisterForTrance1 says:

    baines should stay at everton

  • anfieldbouncing says:

    haha no they aren’t shit. they are not even worth being called shit. haha they deserve to clean united’s boot room.

  • papalolita says:

    Victor Moses should stay at Wigan instead of burying his career in Liverpool.

    Liverpool is shit and Dalglish is shit.

  • andy39999 says:

    ill b so glad if bosingwa leaves

  • xelbaga1987 says:

    keep your fucking bosingwa ,chelsea’s garbage 

  • jackmilo89 says:

    Victor Moses has been excellent this season, easily would improve Liverpool.

  • trudon says:


  • NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    Moses has incredible talent and will be a top player when he improves his decision making.
    I cant see Inter taking Bosingwa they have old players on big wages already.
    I like Baines but not sure about him defensively but depends on the price.

    Prediction : I cant see any of them happening.

  • andywedga says:

    Mike Calvin is so awkward and the “experts” are absolutely awful.

  • ITaNGoox says:

    sort the volume out

  • iTropicZzHD says:

    It’s loud enough

  • TheRikstar24 says:

    turn up the volume fuk sake