• jayjaypen2 says:

    United CHEATS!

  • br1987ccfc says:

    Mufc v villa 15/04/12 – Ashley young you cheating bastard you call yourself a football player that’s twice you have done it in 2 weeks diving in the box. Your in the wrong sport you should be in the diving team in the Olympics – Tom Daleys partner. I hope you don’t get in the England team for the euros CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT

  • 8MaTtHeWbOoF8 says:

    Manchester United and fifa 12 fans check this out. MUST SEE!!! Visit my channel and check out my Fifa 12 – Nani Skills And Goals video!

  • TJhandford524 says:

    If you’re not a Manc, You’re a Wank! MANCHESTER UNITED FOOTBALL FOR LIFE! Biggest fan in the U.S.

  • helo6512 says:

    I love the 1080p resolution almost feels like I’m there.

  • JCSBTVProductions says:

    We have shown goals in the past but the Premier league removes all goals and highlights from youtube. We require a internet distribution licence from Premier league to show the goals. The current licence holder is Yahoo.

  • Aaron Wilson says:

    I love united but u didnt show the goals

  • shinm0n3y says:


  • hardcorecentauri says:

    Thats 3 or 4 words

  • FlowMoHD says:

    i was there 😛

  • JCSBTVProductions says:

    There cracking up there cracking up there cracking city’s cracking up

  • sirayub says:

    Great dude! We are just 3 games out so I think at Etihad we shall celebrate in front of our rivals.GGMU!!

  • AndyPandyLikesCandy says:

    welbecks so bad

  • MrShahin717 says:

    i just got 1 word: man u for ever! <3

  • FootyKing2010 says:

    8 points clear and almost got both hands on a 20th title !! GGMU !!! 😀 <3