• trlane14 says:

    I agree. Dempsey would be a great signing. He is the fourth highest goal scorer in the premier league and what really makes that amazing is that most of his goals come from midfield. He has been whithout a doubt the best player for fulham.

  • dcvbhtrdf says:

    Ferguson should’ve got Dempsey by now instead of still playing Giggs who’s past it.

  • daz1499 says:


  • 601theturner says:

    great rooney goal

  • trlane14 says:

    Dempsey is top class. He will most likely go to a bigger club in the summer.

  • sbp031 says:

    It speaks to how talented these United youngsters are. Berbatov is a class striker and he just cannot crack the squad

  • sbp031 says:

    except for Dempsey

  • Daniel31663 says:

    I honestly live in fuhlam and i have to admit they are very crap!

  • 99FIFAFTW says:

    how the fuck is berba not getting games its amazing to me !?

  • shea1066 says:


  • acikeletera says:

    fuck you understand man u has all the money. you should tell that to man city douche

  • tooptian007 says:

    Man Shitty, if ure watching this, 6-1 but now 2 points behind and with so many injuries but still can kick ass… With all ur “quality” players u cant beat Chelsea, win only 1 goal to Arsenal and drew at WBA… Can’t wait to see who’s on top in 2012

  • SONOFRAJA says:

    Dzeko, Kolorov, barry, de jong not to mention robinho lol. All this in 3 years, before which richard dunne was considered shittys best player lol

  • ls4ever999 says:

    all them players still not top of table

  • joseie98 says:

    awww giggsy’s smile when he scores 😀

  • ltdude1 says:

    And at home they only win 1-0 wtf?

  • efcdk92 says:

    you both have ‘the money’ so fuck off.

  • azysheff says:

    im going to miss berba 🙁

  • Minibob01 says:

    I cannot stop pressing ‘4’. Giggs. You are such a LAD.

  • zz904zz says:

    0:55 Berbatov

  • pumbetta2526 says:

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  • TheGuyNamedCris says:

    No shit City. But United is a KEY example over the years. Im talking about the Wolves, Fulham, Bolton, ext. There is to big of a difference in finance’s between teams in Barclay’s.

  • IrishRu5T says:

    You do realise that winning the EPL has a standard revenue of around 25million pounds.Put on top of that,merchandise,match day revenue and more TV revenue.Also, don’t even forget the CL money.Made 70million ALONE from the final last year.Add on group stages/knockout/qf/sf.Most of our money goes to financing the debt.We buy what?1-2 players for 10-20m every window?City/L’Pool/Chelski Rent Boys heavily outspend us yearly. spastic

  • Krowez says:

    Love berba’s goal :D delicious

  • YounghomieGL says:

    arsenal fan here,Great win for united,rather see you guy’s win it then MANCHESTER $HITY..Mother fucker’s think they can buy the title..