• xl2eVoLuTioNz says:

    one of the few occassions where exceptional commentating makes it even better, martin tyler take a bow

  • tanayp1010 says:

    First united and then Chelsea. Bayern can’t win at there home ground

  • aqwcc4 says:

    Remember watching this with my dad when I was 9, and solskjaer has won it! Everytime I watch this I get goosebumps!

  • Ikkauku206 says:

    So this is the game that Gary Neville and Martin Tyler referenced at least 20 times during the Chelsea final today. I can see why.

  • sgtkar98 says:

    I have a Man United shirt from the 1999 Champions League.My father brought it from England when I was just 9.At the time I wasn’t a football fan,only WC maybe.Just some years ago I started supporting ManUn and I heard briefly the story of that match.Heard it was an unexpected turnover for Manchester.Well,looks like it was,indeed.

  • Shikuyya says:

    First united now chelsea, bayern are burning inside.

  • Dc6971 says:

    and a few from the Semi-final:
    “Roy Keane with a captain’s goal for Manchester United!”
    “Full speed ahead Barcelona!”

  • ReSpaWn3d7 says:

    little I don’t think so, but noisy as hell UNITED TILL I DIE <3

  • skank013 says:

    Oh City , poor little club 🙂

  • SuperAbok says:

    gl0ry2 man united!!!

    fr0m MALAYSIA

  • TheFifaFactor says:

    Just like City today!

  • gopung84 says:

    the best moment of football

  • gopung84 says:

    the best moment of footboal

  • Alex Robinson says:


  • thegarbage says:

    Brum fan here, this always sends a shiver down my spine, I can remember jumping around the room with amazement when the winner went in. My mate was there, he actually missed the winner as he was still celebrating the first goal! Just amazing.

  • Andreng98 says:

    All 11 Bayern Munich disliked this video XD

  • hallam619 says:

    whats funny is the fact they put the bayern munich colours on the cup because they thought united wouldent win it, they then put it on the stand and sheringham scores and then solskjaer scores they quickly run back into the ground and put the united colours on it, it was so funny

  • TheKalaschnikow111 says:


  • insan3Beavis says:

    I still shed a tear of joy looking back on this monent, what an emotional night for me and my fellow Utd fans. Even if we get alzeimer’s we will still never ever forget!

  • bassbeater2k3 says:

    We drew both times against Bayern in the group stages, had the harder knockout stages with a almost unforgettable away win to juventus (who were the best Italian team back then) and fought the final without our main man Keano and Scholes who were suspended. Thats like taking Rooney and Messi out of their squads for a CL final. Maybe even worse tbh. People see this footage but seem to forget the journey to it.

  • opkispeti says:

    20 LEgend

  • mogilover says:

    Glory, glory ManUnited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FunnyVideos2404 says:

    and we did all that without killing anyone…

  • jordi thomas says:

    such a timing xd