• Tomislav Ognenovski says:

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  • Parlo Italiano says:

    what they call the name of fake player for training?

  • MattWftw1 says:

    Until you witness Man United’s training session’s personally, stop posting
    stupid comments……

  • RP Chapagain says:

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  • FuckOFF!!! says:

    oh gee you are so propa!!! who cares, many countries like usa, south africa
    ireland call it soccer…so fucken what…i dont understand why people get
    so ticked…you been watching too much green street hooligans you lil tit!!!

  • VinzTheOnly says:

    Glory glory man united!!

  • Jose Dacosta says:

    No wonder they play like amateurs, because that is how they train. No
    intensity, no purpose, no science = no results! When was the last time you
    played with cones or poles? Those exercises besides being too light and too
    limited, give you the wrong preparation because they aren’t the same as
    going against another player.

  • Joricky12 says:

    Play like amateurs? Are you blind? They are only the best team in England,
    and one of the best teams in the world.

  • AzmanZq says:

    “This is Man Utd not an Atletico” 2:35

  • FailedToSave says:

    Sorry mate you have to go to Barcelona´s training to get that tape 😀

  • Khaleel Ahmad says:

    you must be naive to think this is what they they do every training sessions

  • bob77080 says:

    Where is their diving session??

  • Jordan Anderson says:

    And mario just gad to make an appearance

  • top5ofdweek says:

    this is not real Man Utd training session There is no training without
    sweat If they are training like this whole time then they wouldnt be even
    in top 10

  • Keepitonthedeck says:

    Great quote for any young players learning the game in this video at minute
    1:18 “The KEY criteria that differentiates the top players from the
    amateurs is quickness of feet”

  • Lihborg says:

    fitness coach said “soccer” that ended it for me

  • jake pendleton says:

    amazing video

  • Jose Dacosta says:

    Indeed, but you don’t get faster by running at the max speed you can run,
    regardless how many times you do it, much less running at 90% or less
    effort. Why is this complicated?

  • Jetson Nitya gospel says:

    The word origin is in England not US 😛

  • hussein farah says:


  • James Mann says: