• FootyManagerTV says:

    #FM15 Manchester United Career Mode #68 – Football Manager 2015 Let’s Play
    – Huge Episode!

  • XxJMF23xX says:

    For the Colombian center back it is pronounced Hi-Meh. On the side note,
    great video

  • Anthony W says:

    Bring in Mats Møller Dæhli 🙂 he is also friends with Martin Ødegaard in
    real life, they are best buddies:)

  • Alejandro Pimentel says:

    How do you find all these wonder kids?

  • mikofergie says:

    Oh god! Please do Everton if you get to the end of this!!!!


  • jckliq says:

    Footy why did you delete the video of your face reveal ? 

  • Andrea Pirlol says:

    Hey Footy! I’ve seen your face and I will find where you live soon….

    So i can buy you a couple of beers because you’re the man.

  • Juicy Bentke says:

    de gea wouldnt have done that

  • AsafDay says:

    English clubs have a problem with signing players 6 months before their
    contracts ends, don’t they?

  • david d says:

    I wish you played Janujaz more, he absolutely kills it for me scored 27
    goals with 24 assists in 47 games this season, plus he has 4 and a half
    star ability! World Class

  • Wayne Rooney says:

    show us how bath city are doing 

  • David Karran says:

    +FootyManagerTv Hey Footy, I would sign De Gea. He’s probably a better GK
    than Valdes and i’m pretty sure he’s classed as Home Grown for Man Utd!
    Loving all the videos

  • TheOPNinga says:

    Great Vid as always, keep it up

  • RKD TV says:

    I got CR7 to man utd in my save

  • Scott Bygate says:

    For a mid table team I’d recommend Newcastle. You have a decent budget and
    a good squad. Also Ayoze Perez is a wonderkid

  • Jeevan Sanger says:

    What do you do to find players with high potential. I’m struggling to find
    a player under 20 and has at least a3* potential.

  • Millen85 says:

    I would love a newcastle save cos im a massive fan but a better 1 to watch
    you do would b a leicester, palace or qpr save. Amazing videos as always
    mate. Maybe hang back on the fifa vids as u said in comments that they are
    done by so many ppl. More fm content is what makes u one of the best fm
    youtubers. The detail u go into is class and its how i play which makes it
    more realistic. Keep up the good work pal.

  • Damien Boc says:

    Hey guy do you have a link for download the skin and thé logos pack ? You
    are a realy gold manager :p the next Sir Alex Ferguson !!! Gold vidéo 

  • Uchi Simwaka says:

    What is the name of the skin you use?

  • Kevin Blom says:

    amazing man fucking love ur vids!

  • Declan McCulloch says:

    Have you ever thought about doing a counter attacking formation

  • Rhys Thomas says:

    do a De Gea Valdes swap deal

  • Bregy Chow says:

    hey there, can you provide me with the download link for the skin you use?
    It’s lovely!

  • Sufia Khan says:

    Please can you upload FIFA ultimate team videos

  • Paweł Bąkowski says:

    Why did you stop making lvie streams on twitch?:/