• MrWillHades says:

    We Believe, because we are United

    The 20th Championship will be ours. We are Manchester United!

  • MRMANUTDFAN96 says:

    always believe

  • TomislavProduction says:


  • chi cuong Nguyen says:

    manchester united!!!! forever in my heart

  • chi cuong Nguyen says:

    manchester united we love you!
    we are will winner
    come on boys

  • DouglasJDPimlott says:


  • MrNotoriousLIP says:

    It’s Not Over Yet 🙂 B E L I E V E

  • NinjaGamerNextGen says:

    I feel you man, I refuse to give up hope, but there is always next year, if not next year, then the year after that, and so on. I will always remain loyal.

  • b0redStrangeR says:

    we lost and it is almoast sure that the title would not be ours…but still, BELIEVE !!! Never write the red devils off !!! Win,draw or lose STILL A MUFC FAN !!!

  • ChrisLove691 says:

    Derby day is here!!!
    Glory! Glory! Manchester United!

  • hurshid83 says:


  • mrovinm says:

    hmm… Forgiven but not forgotten… we may not thrash Citizens.. but We Believe – dat we’ll come out top… Coz We are Man Utd

  • Power222324 says:

    Manchester is RED! Manchester is HISTORY and that is UNITED. We’ve got CHAM19NS. And now we’ve got to BEL20VE we get CHAMP20NS

  • b0redStrangeR says:

    30th april lets show them that their is only 1 team in manchester !!! UNITED 4 LIFE !

  • Warlord2994 says:

    The fans are the real heroes in this season.. they never gave up.. even during the 6-1 defeat, they stood there with the team.. come on united! its revenge time!

  • Warlord2994 says:

    believe mate.. we are 3points clear.. and we will go 6points clear on 30th april! Don’t be sad. get ready for the derby! 😀

  • LMComplications says:

    and we need believe the most of all now and this time!

  • SimpleTnd says:

    me too : (

  • JeffreyNguyen010197 says:

    MU 4 4 everton ! :(( i very sad :((

  • ziminum says:

    everyone with their own trophy :) city fans with their 6-1 over us and we with the 20TH TITTLE…of course our trophy is real..

  • HeartbeatFan1975 says:

    check my video of man utd please cheers

  • zagfeek says:

    It’s a really great clip but it would be greater if you showed the current year goals..and show them how we overcome their lead since november..that shows how we believe..anyways good job bro

  • K0K0TK027 says:

    what’s the name of main song, pls?

  • filipinofootball101 says:

    united had just proven enough that manchester is red, winning 19 league titles ang many more,…. there are just what you call “blue rebels”

  • filipinofootball101 says:

    many city fans are so proud of their 6-1 win against utd, but that was just 1 of the 38 league games! you cannot win a title by just boasting a single great win