• AVFCsi02 says:

    I thought your mom liked my dick, she said?

  • dean reace says:

    sorry but no cups for man united this season dick head

  • dean reace says:

    nice try villa but apart from losing can you please stay up god bless

  • mrmacky42 says:

    iv’e just built a nice shed i’m selling it’s 4ftx4ftx145ft so if you have a 145ft ladder it would be very handy keeping robbers from taking it, the only problem is that you would have to saw your ladder into smaller sections to store it so i’m doing it cheap at 18quid a foot, an extra bonus is … it’s rabbit proof.

  • man champion says:

    same again tonight please

  • TheAxelalex says:

    why you don’t present the MLS games?USA soccer way better than the European one

  • samin249 says:

    How many city fans does it take to change a light bulb? None- Their all happy living in United’s shadow

  • Daveycrocket16 says:

    Wierd accent and phrases! He needs a lesson in English pronunciation.

  • AVFCsi02 says:

    I would like Man United to win the Premier League this season.

  • Arthur Thorpe says:

    has anyone else noticed how bad the translations are?

  • Fifa12cheats says:

    Americans should stick with basketball and NFL

  • DouglasJDPimlott says:

    I made a freestyle football (soccer) video on my channel if anyone wants to see it. Any feedback is welcome:)

  • TappedJenko23 says:

    who the hell is Swansa? its swan-see if want to know how to pronounce it

  • D3admaus says:

    SWANSA phahpwahpwhaphahahahhahahahahahah

  • Lostprophetzzz says:

    and after today’s match Man City are RIGHT back in the title race….
    if they beat Man United then it’s theirs…..

  • joepoppikinson says:

    come on you dirty bunch of scum bags, what you gotta say now ? all you mancs are quick to jump on suarez and carroll about diving and ashley young does this and you all say its not a dive ? your club and fans are an embarrassment you all should look at your own team before you pass comments on about players of another team. cant wait till fergie leaves united will be lost.

  • khash89 says:

    In one video you say Thomas Ozil and now Danny Valencia… beginning to wonder about you

  • JordanDavies27 says:

    why cant footballer’s these days just stop diving for once and play football properly?

  • daveonfire2 says:

    young should be banned for two games like the rest of them who dives

  • Cassinator8 says:

    He deleted his comment because alex ferguson owns the FA and would give him a 10 match ban because the guy is a joke and needs to die asap to make the league A BETTER PLACE.

  • MsCharlotte54321 says:

    united Manunited

  • Bobmunton1994 says:

    I’m a Liverpool fan, and Suarez is a disgrace, but if Suarez did this, you would never hear the end of it from other managers and the FA, but because it’s Ashley young, and he plays for Manchester Utd, you might say I’m just being biased, but anyone read the article from Clarke Carlisle on the bbc website, claiming Ashley young did not dive, but Andy Carroll did. I think the with the Carroll incident, he probably just tripped, because I’d never seen him dive before, and why dive on an open goal?

  • ozzerhub says:

    9 dislikes were city fans

  • Davidegeafan1 says:

    not danny valencia its antonio :/