• ericsrightboot says:

    Elton welsby,”one or two celebrations tonight?”
    Robbo, ” I thnk so”
    Too right, team full of pissheads, bet they got slaughtered lol.

  • barrowfordred says:

    Another great night to rank alongside the ’79 Goodison replay.
    These scenes are gone forever though, God I miss those days.


  • bobstermaher says:

    wander what posessed fergie to get rid of Strachan ? The guy was a wee ginger genius ,a total footballer.

  • TheFitzy73 says:

    Loved watching these games when i was a kid.

  • TheFallofYork says:

    Short shorts and mullets, Brilliant!!!

  • adztigana says:

    robson the greatest captain for man u… respect..

  • fairclough1000 says:

    this was a great nte

  • Notchdfc says:

    Cheers lad, jibbed it from Dundee to get there, what a night. Class!

  • mufc99ok says:

    how much would robson be worth tday with all theses wankers who wouldnt lace his boots

  • mufc99ok says:

    if only mate no sky that time to ruin the game , you want a small fortune to go to games now

  • senorsoupe says:

    I’m a Liverpool fan and although the result didn’t go our way on this occasion it’s great to see the legends like Dalglish, Hansen, Neal, Grobelaar, etc…. and I am sure it’s the same for Man U fans seeing Robson, Hughes, Bailey, etc……

  • halered7 says:

    The atmosphere….if only it was like that now. Quality video.

  • Liam2621 says:

    good man notch

  • CherryChandon says:

    My hero.When you was young you look very good till now.I very pround of you.xoxoxo

  • thekungfoomunk says:

    Awesome atmosphere that night 1 of the best Liverpool had a brilliant team but we did them 🙂

  • laz79 says:

    United ONLY had to beat the 2 best teams in the land to win the Cup in ’85! Some great players in that team – McGrath, Robson, Hughes, Strachan, Whiteside.

  • jydaflyest says:

    Man United-Liverpool derby.. arguably the best in England; a rivalry steeped in both location, familiarity and success. This was a Liverpool team that was good enough to beat the best teams in Europe, yet somehow, United got the better of them.

  • robicenco1 says:

    Robson: legend. Hope he gets well soon.

  • dovestones says:

    Bryan Robson was a monster of a player.

  • Notchdfc says:

    Bouncing on the Kippax, then on the pitch. Notch was there. you scouse bastards!

  • cajjer says:

    You have my sympathy, fella

    I wish football still gave us atmospheres like this

  • mufc99ok says:

    i was in ireland at the time fumin i couldnt go i can only imagine the atmostphere that nite , classic

  • noelydovetail says:

    u n i t e d!!!!!!!!,brilliant

  • gyugug says:

    Remember this vividly – major props for the upload – great game, great goals, great memories!

  • JEM4JS says:

    Bryan Robson LEGEND