• LordMidichlorian says:

    To be honest, signing popular young players like Will Hughes or Éder
    Álvarez Balanta is a big turn off for me. Exception is this, since their
    signings are the result of you listening to suggestions and that’s a good
    Looking forward to the next chapters, I’m liking you chose a 4-4-2, a
    formation I’ve traditionally struggled with, save for six month in Serie B
    with Torino in FM14. Currently I’m starting a save with Crystal Palace
    using it, first friendly went well, a 8-0 thrashing of a non league rival,
    which is the first I’ve got in FM14, so I hold a mild optimism I’ll finally
    get a 4-4-2 formation working. *fingers crossed*

  • adonisdannyyy says:

    I know it’s a small thing but play mata on right and januzaj on left
    because januzaj becomes an amazing crosser of the ball with his left foot,
    small but may support the tactic better in the future, up. 2 u though :)

  • yuvy15 says:

    Nice update :).

    In terms of tactics:
    I personally don’t really like 4-4-2, but playing with AMR/L instead.
    Though, I do understand why you wanna go back to Fergie’s style.
    Not sure if playing DLP or BBM role, that depends on the players you got,
    i’ll guess.

    In terms of transfers:
    I do recommend selling Anderson, Hernandez, Kagawa, Nani, and Valencia.
    While you keep Young as a backup.
    Mata is indeed a great attacking midfielder, but has great Flair, Off the
    Ball, Dribble, and Crossing attributes, so I think he would fit for the
    winger job very well. Just give it a try, and if not sell him for a big
    price at the end of the season.

    Draxler is a great player, and I do think you should buy him. Hughes
    becomes a fantastic player, and I do recommend buying Ward-Prowse aswell.
    When I first saw your tactic I thought to myself – Cuadrado!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But after I saw how much they want for him :/
    You will need another BWM player, and I gotta recommend you Wanyama. I am
    not sure if this is how you write his name, but I guess you are familiar
    with the player from Southampton (not sure if he got sold or not in your
    update). He might cost much, but he’s a very good BWM. A very physical and
    strong player. Just love it.

    Also maybe try getting Pogba, which will probably cost you a lot, but you
    can check it out.

    Balanta develops very well, and if you can get him for such a low price…
    I think he can fit very well.

    About the fullbacks: getting Van Rhijn / Blind from Ajax would be nice, I
    suppose. They are not the best players, but are pretty decent, young, and
    won’t cost that much as I recall. Maybe try to get Clyne as a right
    fullback aswell.

    I do like the videos being 20-25 minute tops, but that’s just me. I guess a
    lot of people here prefer otherwise :).

    Keep up the good work!

  • TheJW7 says:

    Perhaps you could recreate the team from 1999 in the modern day, getting
    players that you would consider to be very similar to those who were part
    of that squad

  • Pingo Randomizer says:

    Keep Mata always turns into one of the best players in the world on my
    saves and Rudy gestede is a really good player irl for Blackburn

  • James Toft says:

    Zivkovic turns into a fantastic striker. To be honest, Jordan Rhodes would
    be an excellent signing, Always scores.

  • thebosnianballa says:

    Try and get Sead Kolasinac…linked with Man U…Bosnian good player He is
    also a LB 

  • DyslexicBasatrd says:

    As you’re half way through the season you should have a look at some player
    stats on the league. Maybe there’s a player performing really well for a
    smaller club who you could sign at United, maybe someone you wouldn’t have
    originally thought of. 

  • Ryan Liggett says:

    You should play a 4231. And play Mata at left attacking mid, don’t sell him
    as he’s very good

  • MdS T says:

    I like the title keep it up bro!

    Oh and maybe Sead Kolasinac from Schalke for the LB role?

  • koreansushininja says:

    Also, If you want to buy a really good young winger, get Julian Brandt from
    Bayer Leverkusen. 4.5 star potential when playing as top teams. He becomes
    world class and really starts to play well in the third season or so.

  • RezigreneYT says:

    Why do you not think Medhi Benatia is that good? for 20mill? just curious i
    reckon he is good but what stats were ytou lookking at?

  • bradyharper11 says:

    Im in my 3rd season with Chelsea and got Balanta from Shalke. He is 4 and a
    half star current ability

  • Jay Parry says:

    Thanks for doing 4-4-2 man, bringing Fergie’s style back to United. 

  • Lewis Jones says:

    Love the series, I personally would sell Mata, he does not fit into the
    philosophy that you’re going to set. You are guarantee to get big money for
    him, a good Left Sided replacement for him could be Depay (PSV).

    A recommended Left back could be new addition to United in real life Marcos
    Rojo (Sporting).
    A recommended Right back could be Clyne (Southampton) which would be great
    for the Home Grown status within the squad!

  • George Dobson says:

    Late Comment as I have been on holiday for a while so I am watching in
    order of what I have missed ha ha sorry about Gestede he has been quality
    for Backburn in real life but I doubt he would be good enough for you! I
    hope you sign Rhodes though ;)

  • brody porter says:

    Lascelles from Nottingham forest oviously a great young prospect suited as
    more of a centre back but can play right back and you can always train him
    to play the right back position because he has good pace and tackling so
    would be a good player in my opinion to buy

  • Chris Schackt says:

    Mate, Eder Alvarez Balanta – get him. I see him on your list, he’ll turn
    world class within two seasons!

  • Ryan Liggett says:

    You should play a 4231. And play Mata at left attacking mid, don’t sell him
    as he’s very good

  • Davie Magill says:

    Quality left-back prospects: Eric Jerez (Arg), Goycochea (Arg), Tagliafico
    (Arg), Federico Alvarez (Arg). Hope they appear on your save, not sure what
    nations are loaded on it. But these guys all became quality left backs for
    me 🙂 right backs I’m not too sure about, Van Rankin (Mex) from Pumas is
    decent! Best of luck 🙂 

  • Max Mekker says:

    The single thing United need the most is centre back!

  • ChandersMC says:

    Jordan Rhodes would be great! You are guaranteed goals from him
    Also Kostas Manolas would be a good defender

  • lonelyspaceman_ says:

    Balanta will be fantastic. I think if you look at his PA with the In-Game
    Editor it’s around 190, higher than most of the base players at the start
    of the game. As for FB Claudio Winck might be a decent punt, normally
    around £3million mark.

  • 11thj says:

    Wow in less than 24 hours your doing better than Ed Woodward lol can you
    make the Man Utd episodes longer?
    Balanta is a good buy give him a season or two he is better at cb than lb

  • That FM Guy says:

    I noticed you’re buying a lot of really young players, like Alan Hanson
    once said “You can’t win anything with kids” 😉 I’ve always preferred the
    experienced player, Antonio Candreva was insane in my first season i
    recorded for YT