• jackmilo89 says:

    True but i think City with there best team out and Utd, City would still play the better football.Your right his selection against City was not so good but i think the tactics were a bit too defensive.i felt Rooney was isolated alot.Maybe it would of been better for Rooney to play just off of Hernandez or Welbeck and drop bk into midfield when Utd didn’t have possession.

  • NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    I have to agree City have played better football but that’s only because we had our asses handed to us by injuries. The first five games of the season with our best team we were pissing all over teams. I think we needed to be more pragmatic especially in Europe and Queiroz’s help we started reaching CL finals. The tactics against City was fine but the the player selection however was not so good.

  • jackmilo89 says:

    City have played better football than Utd this season,Sir Alex was never a negative manager until he met a certain Carlos Queiroz then it all changed.

  • Kopite4life12 says:

    Well we have look at today weve been playing that way most of the season! I’m not saying that next year where going to win the league I’m saying that with a few new players we’ll defiantly have a good chance of getting back in the CL

  • NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    … you’re obsessed. Get a Life

    Its a stunning comment coming from a City fan the way they played under Mancini his first season and most of last.

    3-19-11 + two wins over City this season.

  • crichpaul says:

    swore he said lifesabitch at the end lol

  • salarpops says:

    cough cough

  • salarpops says:

    In other words you will park the bus.

  • andywedga says:

    Martin Lipton – you bag of wank.

    “Liverpool hold the advantage and have a first Wembley appearance since 1996 in their sights after a Carling Cup semi-final first-leg victory at Manchester City.”

  • JoshMufc101 says:

    Liverpool challenging for the Title soon enough? you serious, MAYBE if you spent that £100million wisely but you didn’t, know you don’t have any real money to spend and no champions league, I like the United – Liverpool rivalry, but it will be decades before you’re challenging for the title again, once every 3/4 years you might have a Newcastle season and sneak in the top 4 but i very much doubt Liverpool will be able to get top 4 season after season, not for a long time anyway.

  • xAlex666 says:

    Liverpool also beat Manchester City at the Etihad…

  • Kopite4life12 says:

    This season we have been playing very well most matches just been very unlucky and not clinical enough in front of goal. But the foundations are there we just need a couple of key players I don’t think it will be to long till we are in the champions league and even challenging for the PL.

  • mustsilm says:

    Little history, bla bla.

    I am not Chelsea supporter, but Chelsea was founded 1905, which i checked was 13 years after Liverpool. So quite a old club.

    And they won the league in 1954-55

    You can check wikipedia if you dont believe, search Chelsea or google league 1954-55

  • NefariousVirtuoso88 says:

    De Gea, Ferdinand, Evans, Evra, Smalling, Carrick, Cleverly, Scholes, Nani, Valencia and Rooney.

    I think it would be harsh on Wellbeck but he is young his time will come and will come soon.

    I think this will be the team and we will play just like we did at the Emptyhad earlier this season in the FA Cup on the counter attack.

  • trudon says:

    was the rivalry pointless when united went 26 years without winning the title? no because that doesn’t define it. so your telling me man u vs arsenal a club who have won nothing in 7 years and man u vs chelsea a club with little history is bigger than liverpool vs man u? good one. also when barca had never won the european cup before 1991 you think real madrid didn’t view them as a rival? your criteria for rivalries is stupid. there’s more to it than just recent winners etc.

  • salarpops says:

    Typical all about united.Fuck Off

  • trudon says:

    you can’t call a rivalry ‘stupid’ when it’s the most watched game in world football along with el clasico. most united fans still consider liverpool the enemy and would rather beat liverpool. i don’t think we’ll suffer for a number of years. major steps will be taken to ensure such a poor league season isn’t repeated. the man u city rivalry isn’t a massive rivalry yet. when city get their trophy haul up then it will be. liverpool have what city don’t which is a global fanbase and more trophies.

  • mustsilm says:

    whata are you talking about, over the years there have been arsenal-utd, chelsea-utd and now city-utd rivalry. The fact that Pool can not win the epl how hard they spend or try just makes this rivalry pointless.

    The real rivalry is between clubs who win most titles but also most latest winners.

    If one of Barcelona or Real Madrid wouldnt win a la liga title for about 20 years, there is no rivalry anymore. History wise yeah, but rivalry is always about title candidates.

  • studmalexy says:

    I think the Liverpool Man United rivalry is stupid now…Man United are clearly much better…Liverpool will suffer as a club for a number of years.

    I think Man United/City is the biggest rivalry now that these two are going to be the main competitors for the premier league for years to come.

  • trudon says:

    the city united rivalry will never be as big as the liverpool united rivalry. liverpool have a bigger fanbase than city and are the only team in england to rival united’s trophy haul. it’s a shame liverpool are not good enough to challenge for the league because it would make the premier league better because of the rivalry between the two.

  • trudon says:

    what happened to the new studio lol