• dutchbhproduction says:

    easy to say so, if that were manU fans they would’ve done the same thing if possible.

  • baleistheone says:

    LOL united fans thinking they’re hard standing behind police, ten of those ajax fans would smash all of you

  • opgeduveld2008 says:

    stfu please

  • NirvanaVideoVault says:

    Ajax firm are fucking killers, if the cops werent there it be a bunch of united fans drowning in that fucking river! And by the way im a manchester united fan since birth!

  • Zizi1312 says:

    i cant fucking understand a shit what this united fans singing….

  • alexbergin15 says:


  • bubby963 says:

    “fuck off uniteds got the best fans in the world!!!!”
    If that’s so, then why is Old Trafford only the second loudest ground in the EPL, and Anfield is first, yet the capacity of Old Trafford is so much larger than that of Anfield? Most people would think more people = louder noise but I guess that doesn’t apply to “the best fans in the world!!!!”

  • bubby963 says:

    Actually the only “dimwitted cunt.” are the manc who are assuming that because Ajax sold a player to Liverpool, it automatically makes all of the fans scouse despite the fact they have most likely never set foot in Liverpool. Then again, I don’t expect Mancs to understand that your nationality is not determined by who your local football club sells players to.

  • IkbenhetThijs says:


  • sh4p3shifter says:

    There was a lot of attention surrounding Suarez at that time and we happened to be playing his ex club but you’re just too stupid to make the connection you dimwitted scouse cunt.

  • LFCJoseph says:

    Sooooo, do we sing “You Manc Bastards” to every club who has fed a player to Manchester United?… No, you Inbred Hovis eating Mong..

  • sh4p3shifter says:

    cuz suarez came from ajax you fuckwit.

  • FiFa12ForTheWin says:


  • DenHaagYouth says:

    Grote bek achter de grachten joh die joden! alleen maar meelopers die daar staan

  • J4M1EBoi says:

    naa swansea m8
    but united fans are class

  • scousekiller3 says:

    go die u cunt!!!

  • scousekiller3 says:

    fuck off uniteds got the best fans in the world!!!!

  • NuMiiKoen says:

    AFCA man utd sucks

  • AnglOsAxOn2 says:

    What part? It was a long vid give us a clue. Mail me if you like ill try and explain

  • dbernauer says:

    They’re just happy because Amsterdam is a much cooler city than stink in’ Manchester!!

  • mufcmiddletonjibber says:

    best fans ever run jaax run

  • xMancunianRedx says:

    19>18 now fuck off

  • pimflo says:


  • 909rhythm says:

    liverpool 5c 5 times champions of europe