• Zumbi Dos Palmares says:

    You faggot Europeans need to create chants to stay awake during your boring
    as hell soccer. How pathetic.

  • Mufc Jerome says:

    NEW MUFC CHANTS Video Reds – The Best Of Manchester United Fans (All MUFC

  • Shaun Eaton says:

    The one about passports is fucking shit!

  • OnceUponAtimeInLeb says:

    who’s laughing now dickheads?

  • paddy g says:

    Half of you are dumb and have never been to a football match im a everton
    fan and go to most home and away matches and united fans have to be the
    best home and away fans. 

  • KGaming says:

    It’s funny cause united are shit

  • red army says:

    the andy carol one is stupid. I realise chants usually are but that’s a
    witless one

    Man UTD away support is as good as anyone’s but there home support,as is
    well known, is a joke

    they’ve suffered more than anyone from day trippers and corporates
    When you go there the buses are from all over the country with japs taken
    pics and wearing UTD v whoever they r playing scarves! every team sings the
    exact same songs with slight version’s to include your teams name.
    UTD/Liverpool/west ham/Villa/Everton/Toon are good away supports and you
    hear more banter in the chants. Pity these real fans couldn’t all sit
    together at home games
    Surely a behind the goals standing isn’t out of the question nowadays. That
    simple change would make games return to the atmospheres I grew up with in
    late 70’s and 80’s!
    I was at UTD v Everton game at OT last season[as an neutral] and it was
    devoid of any passion. It was a night game too! This type of fixture in the
    1980s were amazing

    Sad to see what’s happened to fan culture in the UK

    that was what made football great. It isn’t the product itself on the park
    but the passion, the mob mentality of being with your mates and having a

    now its like attending the theatre where your ushered to your seat
    separated from your mates. sitting next to some middle class bloke who
    thinks your special needs if you show a bit of passion[never mind actually
    singing your team on!]

    Hate modern football

  • james dean says:

    lol very original .. wankers :D

  • Tommy Thexton says:

    Clattingburg is my cousin

  • Verity Faye says:

    Our chants are sick, wish people would stop stealing them though, fucking

  • Christopher Daly says:

    It’s funny when Manchester is the Capital of Poverty in the UK, and they
    sing shit like this. 

  • Manos Fuzzman says:

    His teeth were onside when he put the third goal in Old Trafford.

  • SHIN ONI says:

    3-0 BEATDOWN OLD TRAFFORD 16/3/2014

  • chrispy199 says:

    god i fell asleep listening to such shitty chants.

  • enegali says:

    United fans are so shit tbh!! Shit atmosphere

  • Will Hung says:

    Lik dis if u kri everytim

  • drecksau says:

    United fans are so classless 

  • Richard Batsbak says:

    these chants are worse than cancer

  • Sammy Rich says:

    are you watching merseyside 

  • TheGamerLad7 says:

    fucking hell how bad are these

  • Ansh Dey says:

    man utd are the worst team in the whole Barclays

  • Jerome Beckenbauer says:

    Glory Man United!!!!

  • DezaahGaming says:

    Well this is awkward…

  • Yunus Cakir says:

    That is offensive yous are gonna go to hell because yous are devils and
    this year yous didnt make it champions league or Europe league

  • Γιώργος Ζαφείρης says:

    The most ridiculous fans ever.You can’t play football with the lights on,
    you want to play with the lights on?Haha.Man Utd, you are useless anymore.