• hulmedogcity says:

    I’m a city fan, but I agree with u evra is a twat

  • TheCatmundy says:

    Are people forgetting the statement which Suarez signed claiming he called Evra a ‘negro’ multiple times? Suarez’ excuse was it’s not classed as racism in his home country. Suarez should have just shook his hand. End of. Made himself look even more racist, especially when Evra offered his hand.

  • RedMufcArmy says:

    Cause we can do whatever we want ya mong, Nothing you fence munching racist twats can do about ih

  • TheGrandpaFunk says:

    I’m a Man Utd fan and I think Suarez should have shaken Evra’s hand and got on with the game. But, like you said I can understand why Suarez wouldn’t have wanted to shake his hand and I think Evra over-reacted at the hand-shakes and at the end. Both of the incidents just put the whole issue back into the paper etc. When it could have all been forgotten.

  • darrenpkr says:

    why the fuck are mancs on an lfc video channel you fucking glory hunting scum

  • JokerGaming97 says:

    99% of you scousers dont know what the fuck you are going on about

  • JokerGaming97 says:

    piss off 99.9% are glory hunters are you fucking stupid, people from liverpool have been supporting united because they are shit, I have had a season ticket for 7 years now and know loads who do aswell as me so dont go on about glory hunting, we have the highest average number of fans per game so where the fuck do you get that from, suppose you cant deal with the fact that suarez is a cunt and liverpool are shit

  • chanceie12 says:

    and you are suppose to be after Moyes when Fergie leaves LOL , cannot wait to see him destroy you.

  • chanceie12 says:

    considering Suarez said he wants to sign another contract about a week ago LOL , and this is coming from Evra the guy who accused 2 other players of being racist towards him yet no evidence .. but because it is suarez he got charged? look up evra saying nigga he is a hypocrite.

    and tcpglizzard , prove to me you are a man utd fan who goes to the games who supported them when they were shit .. because lets face it 99.9% of utd fans are glory hunters.

  • MJ63551 says:

    Fuck off you twat, this is Luis Suarez were talking about here. He is THE biggest cunt in all of football. The chances are that he was racist towards Evra. I take it your a Liverpool fan? I cant wait to see if youll still be behind Suarez when he leaves you in the summer because he wants to win decent trophies that are actually worth winning (not the Carling Cup) and because youve become such a shit club

  • MJ63551 says:

    Even if he didnt admit to it, the chances are that he was racist towards Evra. This is Luis Suarez were talking about here, who as we all know, is one hell of a bellend

  • Scraggsy81 says:

    This twat on the sofa is a total bellend

  • tcpgblizzard says:

    But not as many as us!! HA, fucking idiot.
    My god, so if im a glory hunter (Yet have supported them all my life), then your also a glory hunter.
    “Purple nose” Aww, so jealous of our success you revert to pathetic insults. When he leaves, we will get Guardiola or someone of his calibre. We will carry on with our success.

  • chanceie12 says:

    18 league titles , 5 champions leagues , 7 FA cups , 8 league cups , 3 uefa cups and 3 super cups .. a hell of alot more then soem clubs , your just a glory hunter tcpgblizzard just like 99% of you lot!!..

    yeaah we are shit now , well done we fuciking know it , but so were you at a time , remember if you supported them when they were shit , man utd went 26 years without winning anything before purple nose saved ya , wait til he goes then ya fucked.

  • tcpgblizzard says:

    Liverpool fans, how many premier leagues have you won? How many trophies combined? And where are you in the league??
    Ha, your so shit now.

  • tcpgblizzard says:

    God, the scouser accent is aweful! I fucking hate it.

  • tcpgblizzard says:

    So Evra looks like a bellend for celebrating a win over our rivals infront of the prick who was racist to him?? Typical scousers, full of shite!

  • EFCMcCarthyCFC says:

    LOL at the comment saying scousers don’t mention the Munich disaster. THERE’S VIDEOS ALL OVER YOUTUBE of it!!!

  • chanceie12 says:


  • chanceie12 says:


  • UFCritical says:

    and remember what i said about Everton…we’ll soon be in worse shape than those sad twats – while you cheer on like a retard!

  • UFCritical says:

    Use a dictionary then you might understand whast i’m saying – BEING A GLORY HUNTER HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY LIVERPOOL SUPPORTER – WE HAVE THE HISTORY AND CLASS (which is dissapearing by the minute) TO PROVE IT.
    Thanks for your loyal support – its commendable but I wont pay £55 after driving 100 miles to watch us hit the post and lose – asall power to you though.

  • termina921 says:

    so your saying that your not a glory hunter but at the same time saying that you wont support the team when their playing shit ?

  • soybolsodeley says:

    he didn’t admit shit, because he’s not a racist… I can’t believe everyone takes the word from a scumbag like Evra… always bitching about racism and some other crap…
    and anyway… players tell each other lots of nasty shit… all the time… just because this time a little whiny faggot went to the FA and tried to create a big controversy, doesn’t mean Suarez hates black people… he has black teammates in his national team and gets along amazingly well with them…

  • ccsuk says:

    @JohNNyBcOoL17 Lol I was just about to write that