• DivineSphere says:

    Im born in 1997 and i m just sad that i dont see united playing like this anymore :/

  • adamusprime1001 says:

    I’m not at all angry at the moment, so your comment doesn’t mean a whole lot

  • broadcast3ful says:

    And u sound angry just because you are ugly poor fat short pathetic stupid guy who has no life and football is all he got ? Thats sad man…

  • NazhitsREALLYHARD says:

    David James cost us ALOT of matches like this. He cost us a match against Manchester United when Beckham scored the only goal… he also cost us a 3-1 loss to United. James was raw at first but with age he got better.

  • alazanazteca says:

    Fuck Manchester United

  • cdotsot says:

    thanks 🙂

  • MrScoop77 says:

    He was banned for the best part of a season for attacking a spectator at Crystal Palace when he was sent off… I’m sure it’s on here if you look it up…

  • cdotsot says:

    i see.

  • 11METFAN11 says:

    I think it was when he drop kicked the crystal palace fan in the face and got banned for 9 months but im not so sure as i was only 3 years old at the time

  • mpuga2112 says:

    Calamity James Volume I

  • chaceurs says:

    and the last season…and the next season…and so on and so forth 😀 hahaha!

  • fookfocketyfookfook says:

    It’s kind of irrelevant who you support once you switch. You never really supported anyone in the first place obviously. How could you watch the 99 CL final and ever remotely consider not supporting united? Maybe you didn’t even watch it.

  • davh1231 says:

    you cannot win anything with these kids!

  • JakeScherer100 says:

    Cantona <3

  • zzzaaa0990 says:

    The poorest FA Cup Final I have ever seen,total snoresville.Amen.

  • BarnabyJones101 says:

    Atrocious defending from Liverpool from that cantona shot, 3 people in the path of the ball and 2 swerved to let the ball pass! Pisspoor. and I’m a Liverpool fan. Utd deserved the Cup, especially after those Spice Boys jokers swaggered around Wembley before kickoff in their atrocious white suits. Face it fellow Kopites – that ’96 team had too many vain wankers to be a proper force. Not our finest hour…

  • cdotsot says:

    i’m just 16 and i started watching football just last season, i love Manchester United, mainly because of their history, i’m still trying to learn, can somebody please tell me what happened “12 months ago” to Cantona and why its considered a fairytale?

  • Imper041291 says:

    Fergie looks so young :)

  • OscarBravoUSA says:

    @grahamm2709 What does my being a Yank have to do with anything? Good news for you: A lovely rose from London, whom I work with, persuaded me to convert – defect? – to Arsenal. I’m not traitorous, just prudent. So, Go Gunners! Do I have a clue now?

  • grahamm2709 says:

    In america you shouldn’t be allowed to watch football, you haven’t got a clue, its Manchester United not ManU

  • TylerDurdenYNWA says:

    jealous? why? Have you watched the TV on saturday? 2:1 🙂
    MU was good but Liverpool was better.

  • bluepeace81 says:

    to you maybe because your jealous..what a pathetic

  • bluepeace81 says:

    yeah..but it will motivates us and the team more…glory glory man utd

  • shakeybeatz says:

    Cantona kung fu kick

  • wayner2000 says:

    Don’t be jealous