• jbarth1981 says:

    Ok, thank you for the respons.

  • sirtop001 says:

    LOL at Andy Cole

  • pocongdisco says:

    no, its Jamie Redknapp..He’s Harry Redknapp son..

  • jbarth1981 says:

    The guy on Liverpools named Redknapp, is that Harry Redknapp, manager in Tottenham?

  • CHAOTIKProject says:

    Liverpool are playing really ugly, sloppy football in this video. No wonder they lost!

  • Saahir008 says:

    East Or West Utd z Best

  • poddeddu says:

    Oh, that is True, cause the UTD Midfield is the same with Scholes and Giggs but another year and they must run with the wheelchair 😀 . In the 90’s with Keane Scholes Giggs Beckham the UTD was a war machine, no doubt.

  • VideoFletcher says:

    Oh yeh rooney is an absolute beast, he plays 2 roles at once but I mean our midfield has dropped in quality.

  • poddeddu says:

    Rooney is better, play every minute, every match, every season. Cantonà was the best shooter in history, but was a pussy always in search of fame: one beutiful goal, three worst misses. Roonet don’t score wonderful goals, but score ad make assists really more than Eric, and he don’t do flyling kicks like a chinese kun-fu guy.

  • VideoFletcher says:

    Cantona was next level. United players have dropped in quality over the past years

  • vanirwt says:

    wat man u needs is another consistent set piece like beckam. i mean we are wasting so many chances from set piece due to a poor cross

  • Kun Aguero says:

    was the camera man having a wank?

  • fantasyleague0629 says:

    03:02 look at Fergie :)) He couldn’t believe what he had seen.

  • gopalgobi says:


  • witjakzana says:

    Steve Mcmanaman!

  • NazhitsREALLYHARD says:

    I remember this. Liverpool didn’t even finish second. They ended up in fouth. They drew to Everton and that handed the title to Manchester United. United were awesome. Now they are not as good because Manchester City are the new force to be reckoned with.

  • ozena52 says:

    So much more urgency in the game back then!

  • samihawy says:

    u mad sucker ???lol thats where u belong piece of shit loserpool scum

  • SFxiCaRbOnZz says:


  • samihawy says:

    whahaha 8th hahahah sucker

  • dannytwosocks says:

    do we have to trawl through the number of dives united have made to clock up that tally? still going to this day ashley young has picked up from hernandez who picked up from welbeck who picked up from nani who picked up from ronaldo (the king diver) who picked up from rooney who picked up from beckham who picked up from cole and on and on.

  • djdavedoc says:

    Its like all them idiots going on about Howard Webb and whenever Webb refs a United game we get dodgy decision and win because of it…….

  • rsk6531 says:

    this is why i love manchester united great cantona…love live king..