• jojo009911 says:

    كبير يالليو

  • Zegstasis says:

    Hey can you make Messi vs Palermo 08/09? I think every match from 08/09 are worth making for the world to see. O-O

  • Zegstasis says:

    3:23 Messi and A.Iniesta look so confident.

  • Christian91201 says:

    Please,this was just super United defense..Messi was faster here than he is now..This Messi and 10 was the best..

  • thefreekickerz1 says:

    and now barca will do it in 2011/2012

  • fickdich6977 says:

    linel messi are the best

  • BluMonkiSpartan says:

    i was thinking the same thing:)

  • 7gordonben7 says:

    Here is the first song /watch?v=3o–hixrjcU xD, it’s called Summer’s Gone(Spencer&Hill Remix)

  • temiggg says:

    messi is 10 times better now

  • plantech101 says:

    what is the name of the FIRST song??? please!!! i need it

  • IMADRONALDO99 says:

    in this match RONALDO play better

  • GamerTito says:

    You know man U actually did well defending against Messi, from what these clips show. Can’t ask for much better defending than that against the best player in the world. He was getting harassed and frustrated. You can see it.

  • dc4t says:

    I watch Spanish football every week and apart from el classico, it’s just Madrid and Barca beating teams 5-0 every week, if that’s not boring I don’t know what is..

  • NickGPWin1989 says:

    Man Utd will never beat this Barca side, no team can beat them

  • Mosi96ful says:

    whats the first song called please reply

  • Mosi96ful says:

    can you post the songs name whenever you upload a video please:)

  • jesmeshd says:

    i can honestly tell you that if man utd won that game, barca wouldnt be the team they are today.

  • LutonIrish10 says:

    I bet you don’t even watch spanish football.
    Either way, the English league is boring to watch even with the “good” teams in it. The style and quality of football is terrible.

  • maherrw88 says:

    @LionelMessi10i where are you from?

  • turkyish says:

    0,49,,,,,,,what a shot

  • TheMessidinho10 says:

    btw this is perfect

  • TheMessidinho10 says:

    hey mrklein’s gone, time to get more fans 😉

  • kikinazz316 says:

    You have no idea how long i have waited for this video from you or anyone. Thank you so much. You make the best videos!!

  • JommFCB says:

    thank you for making this video. colud you had download link please

  • JommFCB says:

    thank you for making this video