• garvielloken10th says:

    man u are also in decline, they’re nowhere near as powerful as they were

  • stevengerrard205 says:

    0:16 The worst goal possitionining i hve ever seen

  • chanceie12 says:

    he won the biggest trophy in club football , i think he will retire happy with that.

  • chanceie12 says:

    Lol we havent been a force in the league for over 20 years just like you mancs were , you went 26 years without winning the league .. so dont be so cocky pal , as soon as purple nose leaves you are fucked.

  • manutd030698 says:

    @CallingAllCappers you are wrong manchester united has 60 trophies. liverpool has 59. Also liverpool are a declining club. You guys think winning the carling cup against a championship side with penalties. and requiring a full strength team is being “back.”sorry, but a “top” club is not a club struggling to hold on to 7th place. rafael da sliva will prove to be a brilliant defender, while liverpool fc will do a leeds

  • manutd030698 says:

    @chanceie12 is rafael da silva’s team 7th place in the league? nope. Has steven gerrard, in his whole career ever won the league? nope. Is liverpool a waning and declining force? yes e

  • chanceie12 says:

    does radael da silva have a CL medal? dont think so.

  • french2fries says:

    Liverpool player to join man united? a plan by kenny to disrupt manu?

  • CallingAllCappers says:

    1) Liverpool have more trophies than Man Utd. This is fact
    2) alright
    3) Gerrard has won countless more winners medals than Rafael.

  • liverpoolfan5times says:

    I know it’s the United keeper. But he was the former Liverpool goalkeeper if you listen to what the commentator says at 0:18

  • comotosan says:

    Calling ppl racist doesnt make u no racist.

  • fizzydrinkz says:

    that was the united keeper

  • rebelkiller93 says:

    Difference is that everybody will remember Stevie G but nobody will remember rafael

  • 24JamesMurphy says:

    Sam Byrne was in my class in Naas CBS from 1st-3rd year 😛

  • manutd030698 says:

    1.) Man United has one more than liverpool 🙂
    2.) the video was on the Manchester United Youtube search and I wanted to see how our youth defense did.
    3.) liverpool on about 3-4th season without champions league

    oh and did you know that rafael da silva has more winners’ medals than steven gerrard?

  • ernilll says:

    1. this is the first season without any european football
    2. still have the most trophies of any english club
    3. why the fuck are you watching this video?

  • MrBillyBubz says:

    At An Angle Like That, You Don’t Stand Infront Of Goal, You Go As Far As Possible To Make It Tighter…Talking From 8Years Goalkeeping Experience

  • LFCKerrching97 says:

    why are united fans even here?

  • manutd030698 says:

    @TheOgo1971 No Champions/Europa league for a few years now huh? Missing Europe? Miss having the most titles in England? 16 points ahead of liverpool, aren’t we? The F.A. Cup is nowhere as prestigious as the Premier League. I’m not jealous of a racist club.

  • manutd030698 says:

    @BackInAGiffy 19 🙂

  • TheOgo1971 says:

    jealous bastard .and we knocked you out of the FA CUP today aswell ha ha

  • Giibbzyx1 says:

    better than de gea :L
    ynwa <3

  • Lappein says:

    0:49 very very nice dribble boy!

  • merahboy69 says:

    that goalie is as bad as de gea. fergie must have taken a big chunk og the transfer fee. sack him

  • BackInAGiffy says: