• JRGrange25 says:

    Yeah terminate it, as scott said, he will be at your club consuming your resources, you wont be able to play him´╗┐ again, so yeah let him go back up north ­čÖé

  • TheBluesGotTekkers says:

    Thanks´╗┐ man appreciated!

  • Junior5417nun says:

    BRILLIANT VID´╗┐ subbed

  • TheBluesGotTekkers says:

    No probs man!! I´╗┐ gives shoutouts to anyone who deserves it.

  • TheBluesGotTekkers says:

    thanks man glad u enjoyed it :)´╗┐

  • HurtBunnyLook says:

    Hey mate nice video, just found your´╗┐ channel, never actually watched a FM video on you tube before, really good stuff.

  • Elit3KD says:

    Nice´╗┐ man!

  • FMGamimg says:

    Thanks for the shoutout dude! I’m´╗┐ still doing a Liverpool playthrough, and that is going to be partnered with an Everton series, weird huh! Thanks again dude, great video!