• jaj10829 says:

    Good season, hopefully he gets a chance at the euros, solid defensely n sonic fast, my opinion

  • TheGlad92 says:

    He will go with France to the Euro 🙂

  • Chirag14 says:


  • IVIitchhI3x says:

    @chirag14 are you on weed? Heskey is probaly better at shooting than the BOSSman, although he is a tank in defence!

  • Chirag14 says:

    Koscielny is a fantastic technically superb player. He can go play in midflied, left wing,right wing if he wanted too.

    Fantastic football player.

  • Chirag14 says:

    Your friend was taught to clear the ball out into touch rather than play it out.
    Your friend was taught to play to many long balls than short balls
    Your friend has no technique
    Your friend thinks good players only need to be Physical
    Your friend is Sam Allardyce?

  • TheAsianWorm says:

    3:34… domination

  • ARSLCoLLox1x1 says:

    This season id rate koscielny higher than vermaelen. Vermaelen is a TANK though! Vermaelen scores more and is probably the better defender too but koscielny has been immense this season and better than verminator. Only just though. All in all, 2 absolutly fantastic CBs that im pretty sure any team in the world would take!

  • tooptian007 says:

    I just hope Gibbs can stay fit because having Vermaelen and Koscielny together in the centre of defence will be crucial. And Mertesacker as backup is just excellent! Mertesacker had an excellent game against United so I think all he needs is more time and he’ll become consistent. Koscielny is already a boss!

  • KingKurt says:

    He’s been absolute immense this season, in an injury ravaged defence.

  • 786ArsenalFC says:

    Ladies why are you debating over Vermaelen and Koscielny? End of the day both are brilliant defenders and are probably the best centre back pairing in the EPL at the ‘moment’. Vermaelen without doubt has been our best defender after K.Toure left but Koscielny is just getting better and better. I reckon with the squad we got at the moment which has won 7 games in a row would have destroyed Man Utd that match atleast 3 to 4 – nil

  • blackmetalrockdeath says:

    Thats why said you just live in your own fucking world. Typical Malaysian ? Owner of QPR is Malaysian. MAS (Malaysia Airlines) is QPR’s Sponsor. Any problem ? Maybe you need a internet cafe but not for me. Never use smartphone huh? UK and Malaysia have a different culture. We know how to respect an old people. Got it ?

  • KingKernan says:

    You go over to the uk? yea right! i bet your some poor cunt that cant afford that kind of shit. You probably mugged/robbed some 90+ year old lady after raping her up her shitty ass,then you to the internet cafe with her money….typical Malaysian. Everything you say is full of SHIT!…..GRANNY SHIT!

  • blackmetalrockdeath says:

    I guess loser like u never know outside your country. Am i right ? Or maybe u dont have a chance to go outside your country. LOL. Sometimes i go to UK with my buddies to watch Arsenal because we’re REAL FOOTBALL FANS. Btw, IF i at Malaysia, i use satelit television which is no buffering at all. Okay ? I bet you are only gamers than real football fan. Ha Ha Ha.

  • KingKernan says:

    you could say the same about Vermaelen so i don’t see your point!

  • nlman99 says:

    Yh but if i wasn’t for koscielny i highly doubt we would be third

  • KingKernan says:

    Yea right XD i bet i your live stream buffers every second considering you live in Malaysia of all countrys lol. No wonder why you know fuck all about football

  • blackmetalrockdeath says:


  • KingKernan says:

    I don’t give a shit about 1 good match Koscielny had. Whats important is the proformance through out a whole season. Vermaelen shows more awareness and more determination and is better at making decisions. Why do you think people compare him to Vidic. Its for a reason! and yes i am talking about this season aswell but Koscielny is alot better this season compared to last. Just watch football live for once and not the highlights on Youtube and then you will see that you were wrong!

  • blackmetalrockdeath says:

    Go watch Arsenal Vs Milan dumbass. Where is Vermaelen ? He also was man of the match. This season KOSCIELNY is so much better than Vermaelen. Maybe because of Vermaelen’s injury thats why he didnt play at his standard. We all know who is our no 1 defender but im talking about who is better this season. + abuot FACT, Koscielny is much more quicker than Vermaelen. Who else can stop PATO and MESSI ?

  • KingKernan says:

    Koscielny has had a good season without a dought but he’s very inconsistent unlike Vermaelen. Just look at those stupid and very odd own goals he scored this season alone. The one against blackburn and liverpool away. He shows alot of fear at times in his face against the big sides and his proformaces lacks aswell. He can be a good defender but nothing compared to Vermaelen who is a very stong fighter! why do you think people including pundits compare him to Nemanja Vidić? its for a reason!

  • TallaghtMan1 says:

    No he hasn’t actually,Vermaelen is! Not only has Vermaelen proved he’s better defensively, he has shown that he is very clinical in front of goal as well, scoring with nearly every opportunity he gets. Vermaelen is stronger,faster,shows more awareness. 90% of people at least who watch football will tell you the same!

  • nlman99 says:

    kosc has been our joint player of the season next to rvp

  • KingKernan says:

    you fucking retard!!! he’s no where near as good as Vermaelen. You clearly don’t watch football to make whats possibly the worst statement in youtube history. Vermaelen is one of the best defenders in world football at this moment in time. Vermaelen is so good that he is even most commonly compared to Nemanja Vidić. Everyone who watchs the game knows Vermaelen is our no1 defender so get your facts right before talking shit. You will just embarrass yourself!