• Xxbeyourself says:


  • iTropicZzHD says:

    why do these wankers talk shit?
    they get no views :/

  • MrLucidLJ says:

    these gay boys are talking meth why would mascherano go to milan fuck is that shit

  • IDante1Savage says:

    good point well argued. Really addressed the issue with a relevant retort.

  • julianken2008 says:

    stopn being such a nonse. u got anything more insightful to say?

  • IDante1Savage says:

    The insight on these things is almost nill. “He needs to be tested out of the French league.” So what you’re saying is you have no idea if he is any good until he has factually and objectively proven it and is 25+. Why are you there?

  • Beatlemania1960s says:

    DOMINIC SWAG best football pundit ever!!!!!