• tag1989 says:

    it has to be the´╗┐ 96 fa cup against liverpool. i was only 8 ­čÖé

  • ased farah says:

    i like this´╗┐ goal even iam gunners fan

  • akshayd211 says:


  • SuperSuperboy22 says:

    im 9´╗┐ and we knocked u out the fa cup,LIVERPOOL and can we please stop arguing now,cause want to watch some videos

  • Rokz911 says:

    WOW U HAVE 9 SUBS, congrats i dont even make videos, and i wont be mean to u since ur only 6 but dont say giggs is crap little guy when u dont even know how´╗┐ much he has accomplished and won

  • SuperSuperboy22 says:

    yep but i have more subs so on u´╗┐

  • Skrillex717 says:

    sweet´╗┐ ;D

  • goders69 says:

    I really feel bad for Bergkamp as a top´╗┐ class player. With his magic, he could have won a world cup or an euro cup but the reality is cruel.

  • Rokz911 says:

    HAHAHAHA dont make me laugh, i looked at ur channel and could not stop laughing, ur 6 and u review toys, u werent´╗┐ even born when this happened LOLOLLOL

  • ChickenVG says:

    The 2005 FA Cup´╗┐ will always be my favourite ­čśÇ
    Gooner 4 life

  • taryn4080 says:

    True dat…well said!! So much nostalgia running thru me seeing legends like Dennis Bergkamp, Peter Schemichel & Nicholas Anelka spearheading Arsenal in those days… I remember fighting with friends at school over´╗┐ our favourite clubs – Arsenal, Liverpool and MU. There was so much class when these teams clashed. Dont really follow much football nowadays.

  • E15Waheed says:

    coz i said so. period´╗┐

  • ScottishSim94 says:

    i forget why we have semi-finals at wembley. club stadiums are´╗┐ better

  • theroyalant says:


  • mufcsledge says:

    One´╗┐ of the greatest goals? No this is the greatest goal in fa cup history.

  • punkyhiphopdood says:

    These were the days.´╗┐ When Arsene Wenger arrived on the scene and gave us an opponent worthy of the title! Arsenal played, still play some beautiful football. I miss the rivalry between us, but at least I can sit back and watch them play now without hating them. Fuck City and fuck Chelsea. The only teams worthy of being our rivals are Arsenal and Liverpool.

  • dhaman05 says:

    LOL if you think Giggs is crap you have no knowledge of´╗┐ football.

  • azharmu93 says:

    That is a real FA Cup classic.´╗┐ Nothing else can match that. That whole game is so enthralling, nothing else can match that.

    Giggs’ goals brings tears to my eyes everytime…I just almost cried seeing it… :'(

  • Pachitiz10 says:


  • bozthefox says:

    I like very´╗┐ much football in England!!!

    from Italy

  • barneywhitehall says:

    Remember his´╗┐ miss against Arsenal?


    Great little piece, super´╗┐ Giggs!

  • Skrillex717 says:


  • xHDFuZe says: