• malcolm healy says:

    I can’t listen to gary neville anymore after hes involvement in the england
    team which has seen them get worse and worse. I rated him until I saw no
    ashley cole and carrick in the england team. he talks crap man united are
    crap cos of jones, cleverly, valencia, young, evans, smalling, fletcher.
    But jones is still centre for england. Nothing wrong with mata but you have
    to play him no10 not in midfield making him run back. cos he aint got the
    pace or strength to get back off. get rooney on the wing or on the bench
    kick out the shit and get gary neville off the screen. jones is awful and
    plays centre back for england. why not put williamson, wez brown. why play
    stones instead of clyne

  • Constantine Joseph says:

    Strangely Gary Neville is better than commentary than in football

  • Levi says:

    thank god arsenal never hit the shitter like Man U or Liverpool. always
    consistently a top team, love my team <3

  • Sameer Shin says:

    I agree we are fucked played too shit against Sunderland

  • IVIyWorld says:

    Top analyse of Giroud last season what more needs to be said than: Giroud
    needs runners. You might call him lazy but actually he’s waiting when he
    holds the ball up

  • Gunny Akdo says:

    i like g. neville more as a commentator instead of a player

  • ong xuanzong says:

    Man utd is a mess now. Hate to see that D:

  • Soulflame123 says:

    Manchester united needs a CB the most , none of the back three are
    experienced enough like ferdinand or vidic.