• EpicMiester99 says:

    what the fuck are you on about?

  • martinblank88 says:

    Progrebnyak enjoy yer fucking relegation in Reading.

    Media didn’t do shit. Harry wasn’t tied down. They asked him an obvious question and he answered like any moron would. He played the game. Why cant he just STFU?

  • martinblank88 says:

    “ehhh i dont know about de difficulty”

    how bout you shut yer fucking pie hole then?

  • The0LLZ0R says:

    Try a team meeting it really boosts tthe team morale… well if you praise them

  • StaceyW078 says:

    Another amazing episode Anto! I completley agree with you on the Harry Redkapp situation. When I heard I immediatly thought what are they doing? Harry got them to the champions league, saved them from relegation after Juande Ramos left. He’s one of the most honest and true guys in the game. What more can they want?!

  • OoscotsmanoO says:

    I just envy your enthusaism for FM, wish i had this.

  • Rory Gillam says:

    release the kraken

  • Fifa12UTChamp says:

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  • Ozil365 says:

    What age r u

  • iRU5HT0N says:

    I think it was the right idea to get rid of Redknapp, although he may have done a good job, he still failed to reach the objectives to get Champions League football. Yes he may have got 4th place, but Tottenham dropped a double digit points lead to Arsenal when they looked safe at 3rd, so it was his fault they didn’t get CL, he shouldn’t have relied on Bayern Munich.

  • Haarrvveeyyy says:

    Big spurs fan sad to see harry go as hes done brill, levy is a prick (Sorry). AVB, martinez possibly or moyes will do me :s only time will tell…

  • ThiagoIsGod says:

    FM is not as easy as it looks! Anto is just a good manager

  • Ollie Birch says:

    anto what football history have u got on the game like sunday footballer ,semi pro , pro , or intiernational?

  • James Gray says:

    Hey Anto i love the FM videos but please can you show more than just the games? Tactics, training and stuff like this please. keep it up 🙂

  • porty1011 says:

    Looks so easy for you lol

  • leesqueaks says:

    Your FM videos are the best man, most others are just proper dull and seem stuck for things to say, but its just easy to listens to you man, good job 🙂

  • MrBobinator3 says:

    Villas boas is the new favourite, I rh

  • Scorpeinkid88 says:

    @9:59 Release the Kraken!

  • Adam Jones says:

    Doing a great job with Wolves mate, loving the series 🙂

  • Njp2K9 says:

    They say any publicity is good publicity not in football it can kill your career and lose you your job

  • powlez1 says:

    Rafa Benitez for me

  • powlez1 says:

    he was just saying….

  • Jepaaaaa says:

    Only two dislikes? Where’s all the haters :D?