• TheEvilboyyy says:

    urat foarte urat

  • florianfan2008 says:

    I need some help. What i want to know is, is the 3d match engine in fifa manager 10 more like the one of manager 09 or the one of manager 11?

  • thetruefifablog says:


  • besly98 says:

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  • dyoo09 says:

    each player on that roster whether they’re the starting 11 or a sub are all respectively good. Whether or not he’s subbing for Giggs, Park is good. And by the way, let me be more clear with my last response.. I meant that I agree with you about giggs and nani being good enough to be on the first team but it doesn’t mean that there are other’s who can’t take their spot.

  • gmjones1996 says:

    he is good as a substitute for giggs who is tiring in his experience, but he is not good enough for a starting 11 place

  • dyoo09 says:

    yeah I totally agree with you, however; Park has much more stamina and I guess for midfielders, having stamina really would help you a lot.

  • gmjones1996 says:

    Park is not good enough for the team. Giggs and Nani on left and right wing respectively

  • dyoo09 says:

    why not put on Park?

  • TheMatos1997 says:

    Benfica doesn ´t have enough money to transfers , benfice need a lot of players
    a right defender , a left defender , one Striker and one right midfielder

  • gmjones1996 says:

    rubbish line-up- why put on Park?

  • TDOTSE1 says:

    is it actually always this fast

  • playrunescape11 says:

    2:38 LOOOOOL

  • komodojoe2 says:

    2D Rules

  • UnknouN1806 says:

    this year benfica sucks.. last year they were playin really good, if that game was last year happoel would lose

  • komodojoe2 says:

    Tel-Aviv Beat Benfica 3-0 :P

  • RobSlevin1 says:

    2D IS BEST

  • RobSlevin1 says:

    dat camera is CrAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 7bec7ham7 says:

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  • angoleos7 says:

    la liga española es mucho mejor k la italiana y no jodais mas xk es verdad

  • mr1rs1king says:

    i got the actual formation of real madrid :
    -ricardo carvalho
    -sergio ramos
    -xabi alonso
    -lassana diarra
    -mesut ozil
    -cristiano ronaldo
    -gonzalò higuaìn

  • G1S1W says:

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  • G1S1W says:

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