• 123123INTER123123 says:

    Grande Roberto!!!

  • eMpeetHreez says:

    naaa naaa naaa nananana naaaaaa, nananana naaaaa CITYYYYYYYY

  • yaozheng95 says:

    yes! i agree with u, i’m a CHELSEA fan and i really cant stand manure’s fuckin’ arrogant attitude! KTBFFH!!

  • rhythms11 says:

    @TheMadeMan89-I got to agree with you.If out rivals would’ve won the prem we wouldn’t hear the end of it.

  • TheMadeMan89 says:

    its not as much glory hunter as you may think. alot of people just want to see united lose. i don’t care if it was city or any other club. as long as united falls, its all good

  • marcusven1 says:

    that should be the song of Liverpool fc

  • pendejo92 says:

    dosnt matter united got 50 000 000 glory hunter fans thanks to c.ronaldo, barca thanks to messi, guardiola and the 4 last magicall years, real madrid thanks to los galacticos and los galacticos 2.0, milan thanks to ibra, inter thanks to champions league 2010/2011.
    i could go on all day

  • soccermonster16 says:

    Kick ass city and show those united faggots whos the real champion

  • HeartbeatFan1975 says:

    if u win the title say hello to your 1000000 new gloy hunter fans

  • 96taktakalas says:

    great song!

  • Scott Brawner says:

    Im A Huge United Fan….and even though we lost….the passion I saw during the match…makes me love football even more. Hell of a match…Hell of a season. Well Done City! 🙂

  • sup3rh1k says:

    Wow, Fergie really was right, your fans are shite! :O


    Always believe, never forget.

  • hovdingi112 says:

    haha yea 🙂 ur small team got their first throphy in 6 years 🙂 i can see why ur happy when a team who has won everything last 4 years get a 1 bad year 🙂 jelous cunt haha.Liverpool once big but now they are small.. and pls dont say next year because u always say next year. Liverpool is a small team now. Finish in the 8th?

  • sup3rh1k says:

    I’d of killed to be there and im not even a city fan

  • sup3rh1k says:

    yes cityy!!!
    With love from LFC.

  • manvhestercity1894 says:

    greatest day at city i’ve ever had cant wait to be there at qpr well done robbie and the boys blue moon forever

  • cradcarr says:

    newcastle – city  0:2

  • trickshotharry says:

    Na na na na CITY! nananananannan

  • Mrholysmurf says:

    would of killed to be there 🙂

  • PalimPalim1234 says:

    I hate Man City but this is so great!

  • Lmclean89 says:

    shut up gimp

  • pbsjohnz says:

    Hey Jude- Beatles

  • Puistola11 says:

    Whats the second Song?

  • TekkerzProductionz says:

    vist my channle for more football and man city vids 🙂