• luizramires7 says:


  • mrgzola25 says:

    8 out of ten to go to Liverpool…lol

  • greta040695 says:

    well marin signed for chelsea lads;) so sorry liverpool…

  • markfsr says:

    Instead of constantly buying foreign players why dont you UK teams dont work on youre own youth and build up some proper scouting system. Mayby the English National team wil then have a chance to play a decent role on the EU an WC championships again. Its all about buy buy buy buy its a disgrace realy because of that buy buy buy mentality. I realy hope the Financial Fairplay will happen soon, only then teams like Ajax will have a chance again to win cups.

  • alslevie1986 says:

    Tottenham Jewspurs better than Liverpool. Not in a million years. The last time the Yids won the league..Ken Barlow had acne.

  • IllSk1llz says:

    What the fuck would we need Walcott for?! We don’t need another headless chicken, we allready got Kalou.

  • Jimboola says:

    Marin can do better than Liverpool. Maybe Spurs for CL football. Erikson probs to Chelsea,

  • amoswembley says:

    nah i think the sneijder option is out the window in my opinion if he was going to come he woulda come last summer….i think man u will not match rooney wages which is what he wants! eriksen is young and talented and will fit in right next to cleverly for a future championship winning man utd…. sneidjer we will spend too much money on his transfer fee and his wages!!! I don’t see it happening especially with his form this season!!!

  • trudon says:

    i would love marin at liverpool. he’s an excellent technical forward player.

  • trudon says:

    man u will go for sneijder again i can see it. if they don’t get him they will go for eriksen.

  • trudon says:


  • amoswembley says:

    Eriksen deal will happen the other deals will not; I don’t think, but you can never predict deals these days….but united are in desperate need of a playmaker.

  • salarpops says:

    All of them are bollocks