• Rapforthelife777 says:

    3:04-3:07 is one of the best lob or chipping kick I ever seen which was used in a match!!!

  • Feargface says:

    Old Trafford is actually in…Salford.

    So if there is only one team in Manchester it’s…Manchester City.

    I’m a United fan btw, these are just facts.

  • alcrossCR7 says:

    Yes obvious,but david is david

  • alcrossCR7 says:

    In Manchester there is only a team…United

  • Feargface says:

    United or City? Nobody says just ‘Manchester’. There are two teams there, the ‘Manchester’ is usually dropped.

  • Feargface says:

    A famous person.
    The state of being well known: “his prestige and celebrity grew”.
    fame – renown – reputation – repute – notability – glory

    Becks is a celebrity as well as being famous for being a footballer. Christ, not that hard to get your head around. Not the sharpest tool in the box are you?

  • majox88 says:

    Not sure if you have a brain to make a difference between someone who is famous and a celebrity.Becks is famous ,not celebrity.i know you can’t understand that.

  • Feargface says:

    Not sure if you’re a troll or just really stupid…

  • majox88 says:

    Becks is not a celebrity,Kim Karshardian or Paris Hilton are.Stop making this kind of shit confusion.

  • Feargface says:

    Should have packed all the celebrity bullshit in and stayed with United. He never achieved his potential.

    Top bloke, though.

  • Shofi Rahman says:

    ur good wiv vids

  • Rapforthelife777 says:


  • c1pRy2010 says:

    2:52 Clever goalkeper .. When Beckham shoots is pointless to jump for it!

  • TheAbood502 says:

    لبى قلبك والله اني من محبيك ومن متابعيك لاعب جميل وانيق وركلات حرة وصانع العاب وفاوت وركنيات رلاع اسطورة الانجليز

  • junaruto86 says:

    he may not dribble like CR7, nor get past players like MESSI, nor control the ball like Zidane,nor having striker instinct like Ronaldo. BUT, his contribution is no less than any of the GREAT players. IN UNITED, WE ALWAYS HAVE BECKHAM7

  • Phercobos says:

    Hermoso <3

  • wiseman0825 says:

    there’s only one DAVID BECKHAM!!!!

  • jordanyeap1 says:

    Hello how do you get away from copyright infringement? I made a beckham tribute too, but mine got banned because of the video and audio. I mean you have copyrighted content too, why don’t your video got suspended?

  • alcrossCR7 says:

    I hope that!For me Beckham is the legend of United

  • frusty65 says:

    Don’t think we’ll get David but Scholes is a nice alternative!

  • alcrossCR7 says:

    Arsenal get Henry manchester must get DAVID!!!

  • Ronaldo594 says:

    Excuse, when the video say hat he scored 85 goals. Was in the Premier or offial matches with Man (EUFA,Champions…)?
    I think that this piece of information must be said.

  • arcanesiren21 says:

    JERSEY NUMBER 7!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • MegaZorbega says:

    1 dislike??? SON OF A BITCH!!!