• miki cordic says:


  • sergeantpingeyy says:

    man u were still better on the night.

  • PukaoUWC says:

    wow 3d button? so cool

  • SnipeRRiffle1337 says:

    Lol, the awkward moment when Di Matteo was on the Chelsea bench 😀

  • Mani2044 says:

    are you sure you are a United fan mate???

  • ThaProo1 says:

    I’m a Man United fan and a got to agree that they got help from Webb

  • MarvinLikesTheBeach says:

    no i hated it when drogba used to do that shit. he doesnt do it as much now. its fine for him to do it against barcelona cos they dive literally every game. same with dzzeko hes a prat for doing that. however man utds players especially young do it consistently. its blatant cheating

  • ProJoeInTheDojo says:

    so its ok for drogba to do it for chelsea all the time. dzeko for man city. face it if young had done thta with aston villa nobody wouldve given a shit, its just coz its man utd everyone started crying

  • MarvinLikesTheBeach says:

    ahaha, glad man utd lost yesterday. thats what they get for diving. two blatant dives in this game. disgraceful

  • A7OldRscplayer says:

    A penalty is a penalty, get over it.

  • adamMCYMCYDDs says:

    this just shows how jammy man united are

  • Lostprophetzzz says:

    because i realize that Howard Webb is the best signing you mancs ever made?

  • A7OldRscplayer says:

    you’re stupid lol

  • A7OldRscplayer says:

    you’re fucking dumb. MAnchester united just chokes a lot, for example in the UEFA champions league. REal Madrid, beat bayern munich but their goalkeeper did a great job at stopping the pks. Barcelona on the other hand did great against chelsea but just couldnt finish. Anyone can win. But to be honest real madrid can’t lose anymore i don’t see it happening next year

  • gecomaman says:

    Those 2 point would be really usefull right about now

  • gecomaman says:

    ha ha

  • mpooleo says:

    how did that work out then?

  • mpooleo says:

    man of the match goes to howard webb, he brought united back into the game single handed

  • hock3y4life says:

    Howard Webb

  • TheFawly84 says:

    In theory the best teams should win more pens than the lesser teams. As they have moe skillful players such as Young, Nani etc. Also they have more possession and a lot of that possession is inside the opponents half and box. They probably were soft penalties but i always say that you should never give a striker an opportunity to go down.

  • Lostprophetzzz says:

    they are given with alarming frequency to united….
    3 times as many penalties taken as any other team in the premier league…

  • TheFawly84 says:

    Penalties like that are given all the time. 

  • osamayobo says:

    all for nothing???????

  • romadidukh says:

    Webbchester Penalted