• 0n3Vva says:

    then you sir, havent seen anything.

  • mchkas6 says:

    I’ve been to both legs, congratulations to Chelsea, they were the better team over both legs, fully deserved (I support United)

  • mybro isanidiot says:

    ever1 does that. every game of footy ive watched ive seen a player go down on the floor without being touched

  • 0n3Vva says:

    just because some of the idiots lay down on the putch it does not mean that everyone does that.

  • 0n3Vva says:

    Football war banned in several countries on 1300 century for being one of the most brutal sports on that time, people died playing ffotball because they got tackled and stepped on their head. It was almost impossible to walk away from a game of football without an injury. It was first on the late 1700s it became legalized again if it had rules that made players to avoid injuries, Pro football was made in the 1800s

  • mybro isanidiot says:

    yes but american footballers wear pads 2 protect themselves. When they cum off the pitch they dont have a single scrape on them. Rugby players cum off the pitch with blood pouring out of their noses while normal footballers barely get touched and they start rolling on the ground like a pussy.

  • 0n3Vva says:

    and i watch rugby.

  • 0n3Vva says:

    No, but i have played american football.

  • mybro isanidiot says:

    have u played rugby then

  • Mattis659 says:

    even the youth can beat man utd

  • Berisoo says:

    Piazon needs to work on his finishing.

  • 0n3Vva says:

    If they want to play football let them play football jackass, calling footy players pussy is like calling an austronaut pussy for not operating in space without a suit.

  • CR9SHOW says:

    Amin Affane is the the most gifted player in the youth , You will see him one day playing the champions league has the same style as jack wilshere

  • mybro isanidiot says:

    Footy players are pussies. Stick them on a rugby pitch and then let’s see what happens to them

  • loola456 says:

    Rooney (Feruz) to Kaka (Piazon) = gooooooool

  • civsm says:

    ” Soccer is for small guys who can run, but don’t like getting hit because they are small and weak.” LOL!!! Get a life!!! Your Football (NFL) players wear pads to look big and tough!!

  • RsL0uigii says:

    NDITI 4 LIFE <3

  • swifta123 says:

    Lets not talk about terrible commenting because your 1st comment shows that you brain cant understand that this is a u18 game. Its not every player thats like that just a few of them. Also you must be sad to search up these vids to criticise it.

  • bill4volz says:

    LOL My real football team has 100,000+ every time they play at home, our record crowd was over 109,000 people soooooo you’re about 108,950 people short on that terrible comment. Soccer is all about running, soccer pussies don’t like being hit.

  • swifta123 says:

    Football is loved around the world and your shitty hand egg is for fat pussies who have like only 50 people cheering for them compared to ours, haha. Football is 1000x better than that faggot hand egg.

  • AldiHanif says:

    *Handegg not football

  • bkristian87 says:

    Might have something to do with having a bigger population, Rugby is way more demanding then American Football in everyway…Why you posting on a u18’s Man Utd game anyway???

  • kevinliemunandar says:

    piazon is not the new kaka, he is making a name for himself

  • kairaforever54 says:


  • Lil Jeromeo says: