• Footymania10Prodz says:

    You’re dumb! Dont put an ‘a’ when you say ‘You’re dumb’

  • TheS1mpleOne says:

    You’re a dumb.

  • 4bdu74z3z says:

    you sir deserve an award!!!!

  • roneldhino says:

    No offense but you mean the only title Contender are Barca and Real Madrid,Atletico Madrid,Valencia and so on are Great clubs as well. 🙂

  • miamicanes09 says:

    so how do u explain the europa league final? The same final man city and man u couldnt make it to? but mid-table spanish teams made it… Ill give u epl has 6 top teams but la liga has 4 and barcelona and madrid are better than any team in the epl so u really have no argument.

  • cvhashim says:

    i disagree

  • EviLxSniiPezZ says:

    EPL has top teams including Man City, Man united, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs, Newcastle, Everton, Liverpool, Fulham, BBVA have real madrid, barca, athletic madrid and bilbao, apart from them there all champion ship division standard for english leagues, some even lower then championship

  • EviLxSniiPezZ says:

    EPL is hardest league in the world, people under estimate BBVA but still EPL is the best league in the world and the hardest as every team are pro’s, with BBVA there are 9-10 teams that are worth mentioning and the rest havnt a clue what their doing, EPL every team is amazing, BBVA have 2 of the best teams yes with Real Madrid and Barcelona but exept them two the others are of a lower class still good but alot low than premier league standard.

  • 23777cristian says:


  • Bhfanatic9 says:

    BBVA is only two teams?man u dont know what u talkin about…thats why teams like Athletic Bilbao killed Man utd and than Atl. madrid wins Europe league lol…BBVA is best league in world and more than hald teams in EPL not better than teams like Valencia,Bilbao,ATL. Madrid,Villareal so dont be fuckin stupid

  • sickeypoo says:

    If we still had Ronaldo, maybe we wouldn’t of thrown away the title this year!

  • sizzeler786 says:

    he destroyed arsenal lol

  • Wael Shadid says:

    Yeah, that’s why Manchester United lost to Athletic Bilbao this season with an aggregate score of 5-3.

  • BodyLotionVideos says:


  • Paranoojja says:

    True story.

  • Rayendika777 says:

    we miss you ronaldo 🙁

  • salamin31 says:

    best goal 4:45

  • onkelMichaa says:

    thats what you can see in the CL and the europa league ;D
    i mean yes the premier league has more “bigger” clubs but still athletic, athetico, valencia and so on are all great teams with great players… who don’t get kicked out of the european league 🙂

  • xXdeathimpactXx says:

    Him on Real madrid is still great too, sure premiere league is a little bit more competitive but la liga is a really good league too.

  • sparking321 says:

    Wish i had a long highlights reel of all of my goals

  • Footymania10Prodz says:

    Ronaldo has scored more goals with Madrid because there all shit teams except Barca… For Utd he scored less goals because there are teams Such as, City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, Newcastle… BBVA is ONLY between 2 teams… Barca and Real Madrid…

  • crazyb1rd1 says:

    it would be cool if ronaldo and chicharito and neymar were on same team that = BOSS

  • Deryck441 says:

    name of the piano song ?
    Ronaldo in 201112 is the best except his free kicks

  • aprc1977a says:

    The only player ever to play for an English team to be crowned World/European player of the year. His goal against Arsenal in the 2009 Champions League Semi final 2nd leg when him and Rooney broke from the penalty box and scored within seconds after playing a delicious 1-2 and cutting the Arsenal midfield and defence to pieces was absolutely sublime. We were so lucky to have been graced with his presence