• NVofus says:

    Still can’t believe he missed the opportunity to win it…just like Lineker’s world cup missed header, in ’86, from Barnes’ cross, and Keegan’s missed header, in Spain ’82.

  • NVofus says:

    Still holding my head in my hands at the Smith miss!! Ouch!!

  • scotfoxx says:


  • thejoyofcroy says:

    What a sitter, still what do you expect from that stupid hun Smith? A man whose mediocrity knows no bounds, and yet still we have to endure him doing ‘punditry’ on countless Scootish football programmes and who referred to viewing kids from Catholic schools as ‘the enemy’.

  • anthonyhollis100 says:

    One of the saddest days of my life.

  • bigdaddystarbollocks says:

    The famous ‘And Smith Must Score’ line came from Peter Jones’ commentary on Radio 2. The BBC did a documentary on the FA Cup’s 125th anniversary in 1997 which showed the miss but dubbed it with Jones’ commentary, I have it on VHS – just watched it now and he says ‘Played forward for Robinson, Robinson going forward strong, he’s inside the Manchester United penalty area, he finds Smith, and Smith must score, and he hasn’t scored, and Bailey has saved it’.

  • runninglikewind says:

    and Smith did score

    (earlier in the game)

  • WatchVenusSpa says:

    Is there a video of that on Youtube somewhere? I must be the only person alive that has never seen it.

  • theDingbat says:

    it did, but not by Motson!

  • WatchVenusSpa says:

    But the famous “Smith Must Score” line never actually got said.

  • locorojo25 says:

    oh dear. when u first see it you think its not that clear a chance, but when u see it from behind the goal, erm. that must haunt him.

  • BittenByTheBug says:

    Bailey’s save in the replay was one of the best I’ve seen. A shot flicked off Kevin Moran’s shoulder I think and looped up over Gary but he arched back and somehow tipped it over the bar. At least that’s how I remember it. Was only 10 at the time.

  • 19hula says:

    The famous words were uttered by the late, great, Peter Jones.

    They were followed by a piece of commentary equally priceless, as he exclaims in disbelief “and he hasn’t scored!”

    I once bought one of the first sports bloopers videos at a car boot sale called ‘…And Smith Must Score!’ It was presented by Nick Hancock.

  • geoff467 says:

    That was probably the only time all season that Michael Robinson passed the ball, Smith was still probably in shock when he kicked the ball.

  • geoff467 says:

    , other channel is where it was said.

  • barbarian981 says:

    Why oh why had Michael Robinson to lay the ball instead of going for himself?

  • FUDCHOPS says:

    Gordon Smith,…Prrrrick!

  • MajicTV says:

    I hope Gordon Smith still has at least 7 sleepless nights a week thinking about this.,The corrupt cheating cunt that he is.

  • Jinkii3 says:

    and to think gordon smith is now the chief executive of the SFA, no wonder the scotland team couldnt win an argument

  • effeffeff says:

    Robinson’s shoulder charge was brilliant - he’d probably get a red card for that today though!

  • adamclark1972uk says:

    Funnily enough, the commentator here doesn’t actually utter the words “And Smith must score”

    I think this was still in the days when they showed the Cup Final on BBC1 and ITV, and there were only 3 Channels!

  • Indul1 says:

    You know this is when the FA CUP meant something to a young kid watching football in the early 80’s, i remember that save right at the end….

  • slapperham1 says:

    True, but only because the miss is even more spectacular, lol.

  • duckwrangler says:

    Gary Bailey never gets the full credit for this great save.

  • odsall says:

    We really got out of jail here!!!Remember going down with my dad(first time at Wembley as an 8yr old). On the day Brighton were the better side, where united looked nervess, hang up from 79 maybe!!!! Still dont know how Smith missed!!!