• philster00700 says:

    Oh c’mon..he’s not even Italian.

  • SuperDUDERIKI says:

    Hey,american footballers are the one using pads,son.Try kicking with spandex/tights or whatever and then try kicking with shorts.Tights are uncomfortable and limit your movement to a level.Men’s hairy ugly ass legs only bother nitpicky homosexuals who can’t stop staring.Run around hugging each other? Bitch please rugby and aussie football’s hits are WAY harder especially cause they’re not the ones using pads.

  • androidfan1010 says:


  • Neymarjuniorbrazil says:

    Why dislike?

  • scp1975tube says:

    yes, a bit…lol… but you, you just won’t wake up… maybe some day. hope not do, we still prefer the US over China here in Southern Europe (were all the great football comes from these days.. the real football, ehehe )

  • Impulse308 says:

    its like sergio busquets

  • TheMarsbar111 says:

    This game IS football u fucking idiot. You need strategy for this as well. If u don’t have strategy then how the fuck do u expect to score? That’s why people have positions. So u can incorporate some strategy into it. If u don’t like ‘Soccer’ then y r u watching this video. Fuck off and GROW A PAIR!

  • NFLization says:

    hahah see. typical foreign responses “Classic American ignorance”, not realizing you guys are doing the same thing. You’re bullshitting now. One of our major topics in this convo is ABOUT legs, and all of the sudden you’re saying “Stop focusing on mens legs faggot” Wow you’re stupid. No we don’t like to wear spandexes but we can’t wear jeans and trousers and since it’s a phyisical contact sport we can’t wear anything loose and we definietly don’t want to wear those dicks shorts in rugby.

  • tallgoops1 says:

    watch eduardo break his bone and still call this a pussy sport

  • zoso7889 says:

    Rugby players dont throw the ball forward. Classic American ignorance.

    “NO ONE WANTS TO SEE MEN’S HAIRY UGLY ASS LEGS”. Stop focusing on mens legs faggot, do you like your men to wear spandex tights like some sort of ballerina? I bet you wax your’s. Gay.

  • NFLization says:

    I bet that “Skinny White guy” can throw 3 times farther than a rugby player. Only you would take 20 minutes to figure out your next play. Don’t overexxagerate with the pros. Once the ball is downed, you get 40 seconds. There’s a difference between tights and spandexes for men dumbass. Jeez you need to go to a fucking school. What’s gay is those short ass shorts. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE MEN’S HAIRY UGLY ASS LEGS especially when they try to run around hugging eachother.

  • FUDCHOPS says:

    Cheat? You’ve obviously never heard of the ex–football team Glasgow Rangers. The whole game in Scotland is corrupted through criminal and illegal means,… from the team to the highest echelons of the of the Games’s Administrators [secret commitees/maso nic handshakes]…aided and abetted by a complicit media only too happy to be ‘on message’ ……Cheats…? You ain’t seen nuttin !!

  • Brandon Tan says:

    Good for you. But the fact is that much more people prefer soccer than AFL, so I think It is AFL the shit sport.

  • zoso7889 says:

    American football = 2 rows of obese black people running into each other while a skinny white guy at the back throws the ball . Repeat until you cross the line with 20 min breaks between each ‘play’ and a thousand commerical breaks and ‘words from our sponser’. Also, they wear tights and helmets. Gay.

  • ArexFighter says:

    Ахахахах :DDDD

  • Silv3rPho3nix says:

    Your point is? You don’t need a fractured skull or watch someone get a fractured skull to look cool.

  • Darvader12 says:

    really? wow then watch some matches, you get a fractured skull almost every game. btw hit and truck are two words not one. shows the lack of education in america. and please call a rugby player a homo, i wanna c what would happen. oh wait, no murder’s illegal even over there isn’t it. sorry forgot you know iraq and all.

  • OLDMANDAVE60 says:

    what a prick you are

  • Lloydy6T9R says:

    It doesn’t mean shit if it’s the world game. That doesn’t make it a good sport. Your opinion is that you think it’s a good sport, mine is that it’s crap. I personally like AFL better and everyone I know prefers AFL by a country mile. Instead of watching some boys kick a ball a few times back and forth and then havve a shot at a net, I’d rather watch elite athletes going for bore at the ball and actually using their strength and elite athletic abilities to win the ball.

  • LostRivier says:

    та не) у меня куча родственников и друзей русских) просто этот конкретный – очень большой мудак)

  • blueboy921 says:

    at least you have no clue about football (what you call soccer)..

  • Brandon Tan says:

    It is not a shit sport. It’s the most popular and the most view sport in the world! World cup is global event. Everyone know what football is… And I think only very few people know existence of AFL. So I don’t care about your personal opinion.
    Instead of wasting my time watch AFL I prefer watching Muay Thai( so much more interesting).

  • thedeutschami says:

    you mean the other way around..!?you do know that on average, americans have the best athletes in the world!? and why are ice hockey, soccer, basketball, “unbeliebably pathetic sports??? just cause you don’t like those sports doens’t mean they’re pathetic! tennis, ping-pong, polo, golf, rugby, rowing, ect .. aren’t my favorite sports, but i wouldn’t quite call them pathetic!


  • thedeutschami says:

    just by saying, “..maybe some professionals do it…” i can tell that you have no clue about soccer!!! i know why they do it. i’ve been playing and watching soccer all my life,… but calling me names doesn’t change the fact, that they all do it, not just “some”!!! “some” just do it more then others. so why don’t you just fuck off, and suck a dick dumbfuck.

  • Lloydy6T9R says:

    Agreed although soccer is still pretty boring in my opinion. AFL is the most exciting sport to watch by a mile.