• MrRupydupy says:

    LOL, Is this a public school boys day out ? Awful fans, awful support.
    Truly cringeworthy to normal fans. So embarrassing. Did mummy dress you and
    make you sandwiches for the journey ? pmsl

  • Karuitha II says:

    We spent 24 million on RVP and won the league, you spent 42 million on
    dopey Ozil and won fuck all. I 8 2 an arsenal fan, title challenge
    crumbling faster than a hooker’s thong. top of the league you r no more,

  • LAUDIE says:

    And then they got beat

  • David Villa says:

    Fuck off Referee United. here is Arsenal here is Champions League ;)

  • Chelsea Croatia says:

    8 years and you won fuck all 8 years and yo uwon fuck all,you are just poor
    arsenal fans ,they think they are the beast haha,you never be like chelsea
    headhunters,yea we have a song chelsea chelsea chelsea and more hundred
    songs about cfc,so shut the fuck up…pride of london forever and
    ever…and where is your europan cup ha??top on the league haha,not for
    long ..poor club

  • Ruthless For Life says:


  • RJR1901 says:

    Arsenal fans singing… I nearly fell off my chair!

  • Goular TEV says:

    venham para o BRASIL! otarios!

  • arsenalfan1299 says:

    Well I don’t se united doing any better, se you on channel 4 (if your

  • josh ogrady says:

    From A Everton Fan Arsenal Have Great Supporters. And Play Great Football
    Good Luck This Season

  • Chelsea aggro says:

    This. Is. Perfect.

    Thank you for the upload from everyone at Chelsea football club. The
    funniest set of spastics about. 

  • TheMRxAPPLE says:

    Arsenal can’t sing we love you, that’s just pathetic, only palace St Pauli
    and Celtic can sing it the best, its just fails with every other team

  • Filbert Street says:

    ” we saw these big teams singing so we thought lets give that a go “

  • grahamben97 says:

    The amount of bitterness from other fans on here. We are criticised when
    not singing and criticised when we do. If you are going to criticised show
    some bollocks and praise us when we singing and chanting well.

  • IIxSTR3TCHxII says:

    well done lads

  • Steve King says:

    Fucking embarrassing

  • Dylan1892 says:

    Robbing every cunts song and singing soccer AM songs zzzzz tory bastards 

  • HumaneScrutiny says:

    2:17 – “Stick it to these cunts!”

  • A. Singh says:

    whats the chant at the intro?

  • Brad Greenall says:

    8 years .

  • Pringelsbus5 says:

    0:20 a manchester united flag!

  • lewie nufc says:

    A newcastle league cup away game has mor singing then that shit 

  • ArcticStrokes34 says:

    Nah any fans that sing that shitty Rangers song 4:22 deserve to be shot.

  • Matty Slater says:

    Robin van persie he left cos your shite!

  • David Wilson says: