• Reg Kray says:

    Moyes is a disaster
    get him out now

  • Justin Scranney says:

    We’re Manchester United we like doing things the hard way !!!

  • Taidgh17 says:

    I’ve added FullTimeDevils on skype, looking forward to talking to ye

  • Taidgh17 says:

    really?thats awesome…i’ll add you guys on skype later then and it’d be great to chat.

  • sikZ100 says:

    De Gea, Rafael, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra, Rooney, Carrick, Valencia, Kagawa, Zaha, RVP.<3

  • sikZ100 says:

    Looking forward to the win today lads!
    GO UTD!<3

  • KillerGod217 says:

    we should take cleverley out, put fellaini in next to carrick, and play kagawa underneath robin… my main concern is where would rooney play? would we hav to go 2 up top, because neither kagawa or rooney want to play out wide.

  • Nomorehataz says:

    play a 334 persie nani hernades up
    carrick cleverly and kagwa
    you know the rest

  • LuisINani17 says:

    We just have to play with Zaha 🙂

  • Shailendra Dwivedi says:

    WE Need Good Dribbler In Our team Like CR7,Lm10 Or Neymar And A Agreessive Attack Forward player

  • kv_Ninja says:

    Very Good Video. If the Wingers are not Playing well why not play 4-3-2-1. Rooney and Kagawa (even Nani,Welback) play behind RvP/Hernandez. I know this is not the way united play but Moyes can use it to overload the midfield against quality opposition instead of playing a defensive 4-5-1 or 4-4-2.

  • MU2511 says:

    United have to stop playing wing play, its not really working at all. Passing to the wingers who arent able to dribble and then pass back and back and end up crossing in a poor ball which none of the strikers reach to. We havent scored a goal from open play since Swansea in EPL. thats pathetic. Focus more on direct central attacks which would be far more useful than crosses. Kagawa behind Rooney and RvP

  • FullTimeDEVILS says:

    We played that formation last night?

  • Robinho00Fotball says:

    We need to play 4-2-3-1 like Bayern & Real Madrid

  • Wayne King says:

    he should also dress like a pimp for intimidation

  • Taiyab12 says:

    forget herrara, i want muniain! lol

  • Ravi Singh Gill says:

    Going to be tough season for us utd fans point away is good result

  • Ravi Singh Gill says:

    Rafeal was are best player to today

  • MrYellowSkye says:

    wow Man U just drew with Sharktar

  • Ravi Singh Gill says:

    We need to play zaha Janzuaj & kagawa & nani Valencia can’t take anyone on young is shit sell both of them get new players in

  • cyberlacerta1997 says:

    Forget it. We will finish in 4th place in the pl and we will be eliminated in the eight finals of the cl. Bring fergie back

  • wannabe0rockstar says:

    bottom of the leagues finest just ain’t good enough.. time for Young and Valencia to go. Smalling is the worst full back in the premier league thank god Rafael is back.. I think Nani could have a huge season if given game time. We really do need to go back to the 4231/451 formation 442 is a poor mans team formation so predictable.. Moyes complaining about not having the squad to win the premier league is LOL too, he was the one saying he was content with what he had ffs.. roll on January!!

  • dw967 says:

    de gea
    Rafeal vidic smalling evra valencia carrick fellaini welbeck cleverly rvp …..gd line up excluding cleverly and welbeck but no rooney; anyone know why?