• cogiboss says:

    misxael owen king..

  • MotherPalace says:

    “worship”?… are you kidding?

  • ShadeXH says:

    And yet he goes unused at Man United. It’s a shame for a great player like him. I’d like if he came back to Liverpool, I’d rather have him back than have Andy Carroll.

  • ShadeXH says:

    Saddest day of my life as a Liverpool fan when he left

  • lilbigbrow says:

    they are jealous because hes about to win the premier league again with man u lol

  • bigpoppaike6 says:

    i tend to forget how good didi was , wish we had him an masch again not lucas and spearing

  • thebestsportonearth says:

    people questioning Owen’s ability in the last few years – he had several bad injuries and didn’t play football for well over a year at one point – he still has the skill but hasn’t had the opportunity to really get back to his best…for this reason his head is probably elsewhere now (as in his horses), even at 32, if he played somewhere every week he’d still score 20 goals a season at least…i suppose he’ll always be remembered as an amazing 18-23 year old player though

  • Fondrom says:

    We dont worship owen? we like him, its good hes ending his great career in a club like man utd.
    There is no fake or real michael owen, theres just a younger one with more pace & energy and less injuries, and a older one in later years filled with injuries.
    Form is Temporary. Class is Permanent.
    Owen still has that death finish & movement even now

  • Korjer10D says:


  • kisamakara says:

    fergies face lmao

  • seckie1001 says:

    there’s absolutely no doubt that the worst mistake michael owen ever made was leaving liverpool…anyone who says any different is just lying (michael owen included)

  • TheMrSnazzy says:

    we don’t worship him, he barely plays..

  • whitmorekid says:

    naa in 2004 rafa came in and decided he didnt want him at the club :/

  • likestofartalot says:

    Too bad that’s the only way he even get a glimpse of the epl trophy. We take pictures with trophies, you fools take pictures with beers. hiohhiohiohiohio u jelly?

  • 92LiamO says:

    but they didnt want to sell him, he wanted to go

  • whitmorekid says:

    not our fault your dumbass of a club decided to sell him in his prime lool

  • TheMadMikeMadMike says:

    correct, very true. but where’s all the emotions, the hardwork, the involvement, the satisfaction in winning it ? he barely plays, he’s no longer loved as he was at LFC when he was building his career up. When(if) Gerrard and Carra wins it, they’ll be soaking wet in their own tears of joy along with millions of fans cheering them along as they bring the BPL trophy back to Anfield and that is when Owen will regret on what he has done to his own self..

  • gin3825 says:

    Yeah he could be what Stevie G and Carra is now… without a PL medal. Lol.

  • rockingrugger says:

    United’s won 5 actually.

  • SuperPipo07 says:

    Michael Owen Forever In My Heart !

  • TheMadMikeMadMike says:

    He could be what Stevie g and Carra is now but nooooo, he just had to turn his back and go play for the mancs .|.

  • Bucketheadhead says:

    11 trophies in Europe to Man Utds 3. Want to win a European trophy? Play with Liverpool.

  • cwall22 says:

    No mancs worship Michael Owen,we just think it will be good when he scores the winning goal against Liverpool. He came to us, probably at the prospect of playing European football.

  • aizat27 says:

    Back in the day when I love Owen so much. I can’t believe how much I hate him now.