Van Gaal Gives Hints ABout Next Signing

The Manchester United boss Louis Van Gaal has given hints that the club is thinking seriously about signing a class winger. The rumours suggest that the Real Madrid player Angel Di Maria might be the man for the Red Devils.

Di Maria is a possible candidate to warm the benches at Madrid in the 2014-15 Season. With James Rodriguez making his way to Bernabeu, there is very little chance that the Argentinean winger would be a regular in the Los Blancos outfit this summer if he stays there.

He was reported to be on the verge of taking a transfer to the French club Paris Saint-Germain a couple of weeks ago. But, unfortunately for him, PSG’s deal with Madrid was cancelled at the last moment with two clubs not agreeing on certain terms.

The cancellation of that deal has now given Manchester United the opportunity to go for Di Maria.

Talking to the reporters about the composition of his team yesterday, Van Gaal said, “Honestly speaking, we are lacking game changing wingers and thus, we will have to adopt a different style of play.”

“The teams having the likes of Ronaldo, Di Maria have that attacking width. There isn’t any such player in our squad”

When asked if he is looking for an impact winger then, the Dutchman gave a diplomatic answer. He said, “I am one of those managers who don’t try and make unnecessary signings. I will bring someone in only if I feel it’s necessary.”

Manchester United has made a total of 3 signings this summer i.e. Luke Shaw (from Southampton), Manja Milinkovic (from FK Vojvodina) and Ander Herrera (from Athletic Bilbao).

More than 50 million Pounds have been paid by the Red Devils for Shaw and Herrera, while, the transfer fee for Milinkovic is not known at this point of time.

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