Almost everyone had been crying for LVG’s axing forever, but, when he left, almost everyone had a little bit of sympathy to show for him as well. It just did not feel right as a Manchester United supporter when the media aired that news because the team had just ended a long trophy-less run.

Crystal Palace had been beaten in the Cup final and United had a trophy again, after 36 months. It was a moment of joy, for players and for the coach too. Yes, his job was always up in the air. The Red Devils had failed to get into Europe and being the coach, LVG was accountable, but, didn’t he deserve at least one day? Just to have the feel of his accomplishment?

Yes, it was no big accomplishment, it was only a cup trophy after all, but, it was still a trophy. It’s not as if the trophies had been pouring on United recently. It had come after a while and had a lot of effort involved in it from the coach’s perspective.

You can imagine that an outsider would have been behind that leak and it’s probably true, but, does it matter? Whichever source the news leaked from, it was just the worst timing for it to be leaked and that’s why, everyone found himself feeling for LVG.

Assessing his tenure, yes, it was not a 10-on-10 sort of tenure. It can’t be without the trophies but, he developed talents.

Marcus Rashford, would any other manager have dared to fast-track him the way it was done by LVG? Rest assured not many would have, not at United. You can add a couple more to that list of youngsters.

So, the tenure of the Dutch, without a shadow, had some merit.

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