Phil Jones is excited about the next season but he can’t overshoot United’s objectives

The start of the 2015-16 is only a few days away from initiating and Manchester United’s Phil Jones is genuinely excited about what he and his players can accomplish especially after all the new arrivals who have joined Old Trafford.

Phil Jones had nothing but praise concerning the latest signings of Manchester United as the English defender said: “They’re all top players. That’s why the manager has signed them. They’ve all got their own attributes. Memphis is a skillful player who can change a game and score goals’’

‘’Schweinsteiger has got class, he’s won the World Cup, he’s won everything in the game and he’s got experience and that’s massive, especially at Manchester United. Darmian is a terrific right-back, he’s quick and he’s sharp and we’ve seen that in pre-season. Morgan as well had a terrific season with Southampton and he’ll be a great addition to the squad, definitely.”

Phil Jones is certain that each and every summer signing which Manchester United has done will help the Premier League club in different departments of the team. Taking the Premier League title away from Chelsea is the main objective of Louis van Gaal and his team for the upcoming season but Manchester United will also be competing in the Champions League and Phil Jones is assured that with the amount of talented players in the squad of Louis van Gaal, they will be able to also aim for the European silverware.

Setting their sights on the Premier League title is a realistic target but when it comes to snatching the Champions League, it’s a totally different story as only the best of the best clubs in Europe have the privilege of competing in this competition and instead of trying to compete in 2 different top class league such as: the Premier League and the Champions League can turn into a problem as players will get less time to rest and are more injury prone.

When it comes to snatching titles, the best option for a club in the position of Manchester United is to establish realistic targets and the Premier League is a reasonable target but the European silverware is out of their reach and this is something that Louis van Gaal as well as his players have to take think about as winning a single title is better than to attempt on winning 2 different ones and only end up claiming none of their original targets.

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