Jose Mourinho’s quest for a striker that Chelsea can rely on still continues as the Portuguese coach failed on signing any of his targets during the January transfer window.

Radamel Falcao, Wayne Rooney and Mario Balotelli are just some of the high-profile targets that Mourinho has been trying to sign for Chelsea but still has not managed on securing the services of any of his targets.

Chelsea has been at the top of the Premier League for a while now but the side of Jose Mourinho has dropped crucial points which has allowed some of their rivals such as: Liverpool and Manchester City on not only catching up to them but also getting ahead of them.

Manchester City remains in 3rd place with 67 points but they are 2 matches behind everyone else while Liverpool has managed to secure the top spot of the Premier League with 71 points and according to Gary Neville, the recent drop of points is due to Mourinho not being able to sign Rooney in the previous transfer window.

“José Mourinho put all his eggs in one basket with Wayne Rooney. He made the bid for him and he thought he was going to get him and had the deal done. He thought he was in control but he was left with nothing and Lukaku goes on loan and he could have potentially helped Mourinho.

“So you have to say in some ways, they’ve been aware of the problem all season and they’ve been switching between Torres, Ba and Eto’o. Mourinho doesn’t throw leagues away from a winning position and at this moment in time, it is costing him.” Gary Neville stated.

Mourinho will continue his search for a striker that can boost his squad’s goal tally and Wayne Rooney is one of the players who is on top of his wish-list. There is still a chance he’ll end up at Chelsea, so why not use our partner’s £100 Welcome Bonus – Bet now!

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