Manchester United have had a bid accepted for the young starlet Lucas Moura, fans are excited at this prospect but don’t know exactly what to expect from the Brazilian. Many people will hear or read tabloid news and rumors and take what is said purely as gospel, in this instance the golden tabloid equation will be something along the lines of “young + Brazilian + good youtube footage = the next big thing”.

Brazil are entering another golden age of players and Lucas Moura is just one of the bright youngsters in this generation. Moura, born in 1992, certainly has his best years ahead of him and Manchester United will be looking to profit from his projected potential ability.

Lucas is an exciting prospect but still very raw as a footballer. His lightening quick injection of pace mixed with his skill and trickery make him look like a star in a highlights reel but there will be a lot of hard work needed to make Lucas Moura a name that people won’t forget. Manchester United have done it before and they will certainly believe that they can do it again.

Brazilian internationals are at an all-time high in the Premier League with David Luiz, Ramires, Sandro and Lucas Leiva as well as others all earning their trade in England. There are also many Brazilians who have played in the Premier League or even currently do so that have not been able to leave their mark such as Kleberson, Anderson, Elano and Robinho. Anderson, currently at Manchester United, when signed at 19 was dubbed the new Ronaldinho but a string of injuries and eventual clear lack of star quality resulted in him becoming an average squad player.

Moura will be looking at his international teammates and hoping to emulate their success in the league and even achieve more than most. A man who he should be looking at as a benchmark would be Cristiano Ronaldo who arrived at Manchester United for a large fee at a young age and reached the very highest of levels both personally and with his club, winning the Champions League as well as League titles and individual playing awards. They are similar in playing characteristics but cannot compare physically as Ronaldo stands at 6’1″ compared to Lucas at 5’8″ and there is also a 17kg difference in weight. Although physicality is not necessary and will not determine success or failure in a career it is always a very much welcomed asset in the Premier League.

Lucas’ arrival will be a plan for the future rather than looking for instant impact. Manchester United have been priced at 13/5 to win the league by BetVictor and additions to the future of their club will be aiming to help them achieve this. United already have the luxury of four excellent wingers in Young, Valencia, Kagawa and Nani, at their disposal and young Moura would make it five. The early process will be slow integration to English life and the game itself for the Brazilian but if nurtured correctly Manchester United could have a star joining their ranks in the near future.

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